~ Sorcery of Thorns ~

“Most people grow out of fairy stories,” he said. “Why did you carry on believing, when the rest of the world did not?”

~ Sorcery of Thorns ~

by Margaret Rogerson


Pages: 464 (Hardcover)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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Hello friends! I am here with a review today about Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson! I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected but this is kind of a long review so thanks for sticking around.



This story is about libraries and the dangers and wonders they hold. The main character Elisabeth has always grown up in the Great Library, one of the many Great Libraries where she wishes to be a Warden one day. Wardens are the main keepers of the Libraries and protectors of the stories. Now the Libraries need protection because most of the larger books, also known as Grimoires, are monsters, which I thought was really cool. Different larger books have more powerful monsters that need to be locked up and these bigger monsters hold the bigger darker spells in them. It’s kind of hard, to sum up, what these monsters are and how they work within in the world, just know the bigger the book the bigger the monster, and the bigger the monster the more dangerous the content inside.

Now there is a lot of magic in this book, hence the word Sorcery in the title. And things don’t go necessarily to plan because why would they? And Elisabeth is sent off to a Sorcerers house by the name of Nathaniel Thorn because she is caught in a murder plot. They think her to be an evil villain who is going around murdering Wardens to take control of these monsters and as the story progresses you see more of the world, more of the monsters, and more of the sorcerers. The sorcerers are not loved by many, they hold demons as personal house slaves and just there is A LOT going on in this book.

Essentially it’s just kind of a murder mystery story that is really fun and features a lot of magic.

Thankfully everything is explained very well, I was never confused because nothing was info-dumpy or too much. Everything that needed backstory was given backstory in its perfect time.

What I Loved:

There is a lot in this book that I did enjoy. The beginning is so fun and magical that it was very difficult for me to put down. The characters are very well fleshed out, didn’t feel one dimensional, and the plot was interesting enough to keep me going. I really loved Elisabeth even though she got on my nerves a lot. I think that she was a little too perfect and too many amazing things were happening to her but that’s just on me. And I really love Nathaniel Thorn, he’s hilarious, dark, and kind of hot. Nathaniel does have a little demon slave by the name of Silas who I freaking ADORE. And he deserves the world.

I love the mix of magic and demons in this, I’m a big sucker for anything demonic in books so I was very happily surprised to see them. I also loved the fact that the monsters in this book are books. Huge leather bound books that bleed ink. I thought it was very original and really this book has some great original ideas that get caught up in typical YA plot. Going into this, I didn’t know exactly what to expect because I was not the biggest fan of An Enchantment of Ravens, it seriously was not my cup of tea and I was a little apprehensive about going into this one. But I ended up enjoying this loads more than AEOR, and it gave me a little more diversity and just better characters and a non-rushed plot. There is hinted to be a bisexual character in this novel, and a character that could be gay, bi, pan I’m not sure because nothing was exactly stated. And this is where I started to get a little annoyed with this book.

What I Didn’t Love:

I am always here for LGBTQ+ representation, however, I don’t like when it’s just thrown into the book nonchalantly and like … not talked about ever? The bisexual character in this mentions his sexuality once and it’s never mentioned again or hinted at or even touched on. It’s just like “yeah I liked this dude once upon a time,” and I wasn’t here for it because it seems to be a running trend in YA that bisexual characters never feel the need to confirm their sexuality? I’m kind of over it.

And then the gay character’s sexuality is touched on for ONE SENTENCE and then never brought up again. This is another situation of it’s hinted, but it’s never stated.

If you’re going to include minorities in your book, don’t just throw them in randomly and NEVER bring it up again. It shouldn’t ever feel like “Oh BTW this character likes dudes, but let’s go right back to the main story.” I would have much preferred if everyone was straight in this because it would have made the story flow better and that ENDING wouldn’t feel so messed up. I will touch on the ending just in a tiny little spoiler section because I want to make sure you know what you’re getting into!

~ Spoiler for the Ending involving Gays ~

~ Spoiler for the Ending involving Gays ~ 

This is the one part that triggered me is that the gay character dies so the guy and the girl can be together. Uhm I like was okay, let’s just kill off this character who maybe is gay? I’m not even sure because again ! nothing is confirmed when it should have been ! It just rubbed me the wrong way, but then I’m not sure exactly how I feel because this character may or may not be alive still? It kind of ends on a cliff hanger and it very much left me wanting more but I’m not sure if I want to go on with the books because of the way that gays are handled.

~ Spoilers are Over ~

~ Spoilers are Over ~

Okay SO welcome back if you didn’t want to be spoiled, I 100% understand. But anyways, I will say this is a good start for a pretty great series. I loved all the characters and really think there is a lot of potential here. I think that the author could work a lot better on her diversity, it kind of felt like a Sarah J. Maas situation here where it’s just thrown in because she doesn’t want to seem like all her characters are white and straight. But really 99% of the cast is White and 90% of the cast is Straight. I really think this is up to your personal taste. I’m just a little tired of reading about Straight White people all the time so again it’s all up to you. I really think a lot of people will love this, so that’s why I’m not rating it lower than it deserves because really it was a fun book to read.

This does release sometime in June, I believe June 4th, so be on the lookout for this novel soon!

Hope y’all have a great day, thank you for reading this review, and Happy Reading Friends!

~ Sol


(Thank you to Edelweiss for providing an e-Arc in exchange for an honest review)


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