~ The Weight of the Stars ~

“Love is not about holding people where you want them. It is about doing what’s best for them because you need them to be okay.” 

~ The Weight of the Stars ~

by K. Ancrum


Pages: 380 (Hardcover)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Do you ever read a book that you want to hug so close to your soul but at the same time want to chuck it across the room cause it messes you up so bad? Welp that’s exactly how I felt with this one, I did not expect to completely fall in love with it. K. Ancrum stays winning with her books and can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us but anyways! Let’s get on with this review.



If I was to sum this up quickly I would say; This is a story of two girls finding each other, saving each other, and falling head over hills in love. Oh, and some space.

This really is such a complex story where a lot happens but let me just tell you about Ryann Bird and Alexandria.

Ryann Bird is poor, both parents are dead, and she is taking care of her little brother and his son. Her life is tough but so is she and really her motivation and drive to just be herself and not take any crap are what makes me love her so much. She’s really soft deep down and just UGH really love Ryann so much.

Alexandria is a handful. She’s really rude to everyone and doesn’t take kindly to making any new friends. But her and Ryann’s paths cross early on in the story and from there on out they are stuck with each other for the rest of the book. Together they sort out a case on a space expedition that had Alexandria’s mom on it and just it’s really a beautiful story.

“‘Cause the stars are beautiful, but I’d give them up for good just to see your face.”

What I Loved:

I love everything about this book, I have no complaints in the slightest. I am so in love with this couple that I really was just crying for 30 minutes straight after the last chapter. This is such a beautifully diverse cast of characters and I would die for pretty much all of them. There is a lot of queer rep and PoC rep. K. Ancrum is a black bisexual woman herself so this is an Own Voices story! Honestly, it’s just so wonderful.

Overall though, the writing is amazing, the storyline is amazing, and the character interaction is amazing. Just the overall realness to this story makes it beautiful. Also shoutout for having spot on poverty rep, as most authors don’t like to include Lower Class/Poorer People. And as I’ve already said, K. Ancrum stays winning.

I could go on and on about what I love about this book but then it would never end and I don’t want to keep you long. Just read this please, it’s amazing.

“So there they were: Sitting in the ruins of the best that they could build. And it would always have to be enough.”


I did tab this one Blue (for quotes I love), Pink (for cute soft lovey moments), and Purple (for amazing quotes about the book.) I had to rep the Bi Flag somehow lol.

We truly don’t deserve K. Ancrum and I really believe she deserves so much more hype in this world. I need to see hype for this like I see hype for all the white gay boy romances to be honest, so again, please just read this.

But I hope y’all are having a great day though and Happy Reading.

~ Sol

4 thoughts on “~ The Weight of the Stars ~

  1. dreamingofcats says:

    I love your pics, so beautiful! and I finished this one a couple days ago and am mulling over what I feel. I felt a little like I’d been punched in the gut when I realized Ryann was going to leave at the end, so thank goodness for the epilogue where we find out they’re going to be reunited. but at the same time they were teens who barely knew each other that long, so…I was very confused. I rooted for them wholeheartedly because ALL THE HAPPY SAPPHIC ROMANCES, YESSS, and yet I wanted more from the romance.

    “I need to see hype for this like I see hype for all the white gay boy romances”

    AGREED. where is our goddamn movie? the boys got ‘Love, Simon’, meanwhile doesn’t seem like Leah’s getting HER movie, but I will accept another f/f adaptation!

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