~ Get to Know Me A Lot Better ~

Hello all!

So this is going to be relatively short, as I like to think most of my posts are. But to get straight to the point, I’m going through a lot of … life changes yet again and I just do not have the mental capacity to handle another move and maintaining my blog and booktube. I will be taking a break from both my blog and my youtube until I am fully settled back in Vegas.

And yeah I am going back to Vegas LOL. I’m not sure if I told everyone that I moved to Mississippi a couple of months ago but I did, to better my mental health. Things are better for me now and I’m ready to go start my job again, start college, and just get my life going.

As most of my friends know, I battle severe depression and insanely high amounts of anxiety. I am just a walking sack of flesh that has too many mental issues to handle it seems like. These are both things I’ve been suffering from for years, and it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I decided I needed help. Because I haven’t put my mental health on the forefront of my life for years, it’s gathered up and gotten bigger to the point where it’s all severely toxic for my well being and it’s hard to live life.

Now I’ve also dealt with self-harm for years. Ever since I was twelve and I am now nineteen. This isn’t something I like to put out there about myself and really only tell my close friends but all of this ties in together with me not being mentally stable to blog and review.

I’m taking these battles one day at a time until I can 100% get a hold of life. But my blog will be on the SERIOUS backburner for a while so don’t worry if I don’t post for about a month or two. I need to get my life in check and get myself in the right headspace.

I love you all so much and you’ve stood next to me and my extremely messy reviews for almost two years now.

I hope you all are living beautifully healthy lives and Happy Reading Loves.

~ Sol


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