~ Favorite Monsters ~

Hello friends, it’s been a while! But I’m back today with a Top Five Wednesday post, which is a group hosted on Goodreads. This is about my Top Five Favorite, monsterish creatures or just magical creatures in themselves.



I love dragons above all other creatures. They are ferocious and amazing and intelligent. If a book series has either dragons or wyverns I am immediately in love. Some of my favorite books that feature dragons are: Eragon, Heir of Fire, and Goblet of Fire. The main series I promote though for dragons is called The Wings of Fire series. They are Middle Grade but they’re fun and actually very dark for kids, I love them!



Vampires are a huge secret love of mine. And I feel like I can never express my love for vampires because most people think they’re trash. But yet again, vampires are my full life and I need ALL the vampire books in the world. I do wish they were brought back again cause YA is only getting Fae now and like wow please bring back vampires.



I am uhm … trash for werewolves. My favorite werewolves are of course from the Twilight Saga, I love their society and their full wolf forms. I always used to wish I was a werewolf (psh let’s be real I still wish I am a werewolf.) There are not enough werewolves in this world and it is a sad life for YA books.



I love Fae so so much. I know I said earlier I’m getting kind of tired of them now in YA (which I kind of am) but I do have a soft spot for them. They’re beautifully cruel and magical so it’s near impossible to not love them. I love all of Sarah J. Maas’ Fae, as well as Holly Black’s Fae. Cardan is my life and it’s a great life lolol.


Shadowhunter Demons

I live for all of the demons from Cassie Clare’s books. They’re evil and crazy as heck. They’re so deceitful and Cassie does such a great job at making them so intriguing. There are so many throughout her books that it’s hard to not love them.

This was surprisingly harder than I thought. There aren’t a lot of Monsters in the YA world, but there are a lot of Magical Creatures in the YA world. Give me a book with Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Demons, AND FAE, and I’d be instantly in love.

Question! What are some of your favorite monsterish/magical creatures?!

I hope y’all are having a great day and Happy Reading Friends!

~ Sol

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