~ The Sisters of the Winter Wood ~

“Both my daughters – one day you will both shine bright. One day you will learn that love does strange things to everyone. And that is when you will have to make a choice.”

~ The Sisters of the Winter Wood ~

by Rena Rossner


Pages: 430 (Hardcover)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is easily one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. I was so enthralled by every page and hung on to every word, it’s been a long long time since a book has held me so captive and just wow. But ! Happy Release Day ! Sisters of the Winter Wood did come out today and I am so thankful that I received a Review Copy in exchange for a review. I can easily say I did not expect to love this as much as I did. I knew it was going to be very good from my friend Melanie’s review but I really did not think this would be on my Top Three Books that I’ve read this year!


The Sisters of the Winter Wood is about two sisters (no duh Sol) who live in a small cottage in a small town. This features a Jewish Family, who are very devoted to their faith, and who are removed from their original family and not very accepted by their fellow village-mates. This family relies so much on each other and I love a good strong supporting family who all love each other beyond words. They’re just living their lives when one night a visitor comes to their house and it affects their parents beyond words. Events occur and Liba and Laya’s parents must go away but not before imparting upon the sisters a revelation that changes their lives forever. And uh that’s seriously all I can say because the events after that are spoilers but this book is beautiful.

The Sisters:

There is such a strong bond between Liba and Laya that it makes this book so special. They are both thrown into situations that they don’t know how to handle and they don’t know how to handle each other. Through it all, they still love each other beyond words and it holds them together throughout the story and that is so important. Liba is a strong, plus-sized (we live for Plus Size rep even though I hate that term!) young woman. She believes so strongly in her faith and her God, and everything her Tati has taught her.  While Laya is always questioning everything, she’s inquisitive and so different than her sister. She isn’t shy like her sister and enjoys being Out There in the World and showing herself. Two very different personalities but one very strong love.

The Writing & This Book:

I adore this book so so much. It focuses heavily on Russian Folklore, and I don’t know much about Russian Folklore but I just know that is what the book was grounded on. This is also a retelling of the Goblin Market which I adore the Goblin Market and it was done perfectly. It hit me with such a shock when it came to the spoiler and the book took a huge turn that I didn’t expect. But I love the turn wholeheartedly. The writing in this book is so amazing and lyrical, it just sucks you in into its prose and the storyline. I’m not sure if everyone will love this just because it does read slow, and because half of the book is told in verse. This will be on my favorites of the year, as it made me love all the characters, the story, and how magical it is. Another aspect that I enjoyed was that there is a lot of figuring yourself out and figuring out what you want to be in life.

This book did release today, and I hope a lot of you pick it up. If not for the cover alone, read it for the beautiful inside story on family and love and trust. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this book at all, and hope you love it if you get to read it!

There are Trigger Warnings for a lot of things in this book. A lot happens in this and as I am not one who usually pays attention to trigger warnings ( I do apologize I wish I did!) I’m just going to direct y’all to Mel’s review here, which features the trigger warnings and it is a fantastic review.

Thank you so much Orbit for sending in a Review Copy for an Honest Review.

I hope y’all have a great day/night and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


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