My 100th Post: Creators Who Inspire Me

Hello, friends, it has been a while! I’ve been contemplating what I wanted to do as my 100th post for my blog and I figured why not use it to highlight some friends who have helped me along the way. This list is a bunch of people who I have learned to cherish over the years and who are very very important. It’s not just bloggers, they’ll be reviewers from Goodreads, Youtubers, and Book Bloggers who have helped me along the way! It’s been a crazy fun journey blogging for a little over the past year, it hasn’t necessarily been easy, but it’s been a good ride so far!

• Amber – Ambsreads •

Amber is one of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. She knows how to make a bad day great and has been there for me in some really rough times. Amber is a crazy hard worker and her blog shows proof of that. We became friends over Goodreads a little over a year ago and I’m forever grateful. I’ve seen her blog grow from when it first started to her insanely popular status that she is (the Aus publishers all adore her.) I love you friend and thank you for helping me out so much along the way!


• Elise – The Bookish Actress •

Elise is one of the very first friends that I ever made on Goodreads. She is the first person to actually Buddy Ready with me and that made a big impact on me. It made me feel more accepted into the community and just inspired me more to reach out and have fun on Goodreads. Elise is seriously one of the funniest people you will ever meet in your entire life, and she is a huge advocate for all things Diverse. I love everything she creates on her blog and on youtube, also her Twitter is the best. She really hates me sometimes (I blame it on Noah Centineo) but she is one of the greatest friends one could ask for.


• Melanie – Meltotheany •

Melanie is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet on this Earth. She is so passionate about reading and her blog and it’s wonderful. She’s always there for me when I need to yell about something and it makes life so great. I love her reviews and her and who she is as a human. It’s amazing to be friends with someone who works so hard in her bookish life and it’s seriously a blessing because she inspires me to try my best as well.


• Joshua – High Literature •

Josh is one of the most down to earth humans on the planet. He is so great and he is such a hard worker! Josh works as an editor and then still comes home to read and blog on his own. Whenever I need a good talk about Pokemon and books, Josh is the one to go too. He’s been a great motivator for me when it comes to blogging and when it comes to reading in general. I am beyond glad to have him as a friend.


• Chelsea – The Suspense is Thrilling Me •

Chelsea and I have been friends for a long time. She is one of the very famous bookish people who I have the privilege of being friends with. Chelsea can always bring a smile to any face and her reviews are the honest best. She is always there as a strong supporter and a great friend. I am blessed. I know I can always come to her with anything I need in life and she’ll always be there to pray for me. We do most of our chatting over on Instagram, in which she posts fantastic photos.


• Scrill – Vicariously and Voraciously •

Scrill has a been a great great friend for a long time. I love her blog and her blog name it’s my favorite to say. And recently we’ve been buddies on Snapchat and it’s been the best time. I love that we can talk about just about anything. She is a fantastic friend and I really love her reviews and her drive to blog is inspiring!


• Tracy – Truffle Books •

Tracy and I have been friends for a while now it feels like! She takes very pretty bookstagram photos and is always active and giving out great content. We share a lot of interests in the same books and we can honestly talk about them for hours. Tracy is a great friend and I’m glad to have her in my life.


• Chandler – Chandler Ainsley •

An iconic Queen, her name is her own brand. LOL. But Chandler has been someone I’ve been friends with on Goodreads for a while and I recently found out she does Booktube. She is seriously one of the only booktubers who I have the notifications on for because I love her videos so much. We’ve been interacting more on Twitter too and she’s such a great person and I love her for her hilariousness and not giving a crap about whether or not you like her opinions. She is amazing!


• Destiny – Howling Libraries •

Destiny is the Queen of Horror. If I need anything Spooky I can always just go to her. She’s also a really great human and so funny. Her blog is also so freaking gorgeous and I’m always excited to see her posts! She definitely rules the blogging game and is always on top of her bookish life. Destiny is an inspiration!


Now here are two of my favorite Goodreads Reviewers (they’re close friends who I love a lot) who will probably never see this post just because they don’t have blogs.

• Kaylin •


• Mary •


I have made many many friends over the years that I’ve been in the Bookish Community but these are just the ones who have shaped my blog, my bookstagram, and my goodreads. There is so much more I could say about them all but they all make me feel so welcome and loved and they are really great people. If you aren’t following them already, you really should be because they provide quality content that is unmatched! I really wanted to do something special and honorary for them instead of just focusing on ME for my 100th post so I hope this was enough!

Anyways! I hope y’all are having a grea day/night and Happy Reading!

~ Solo

20 thoughts on “My 100th Post: Creators Who Inspire Me

  1. meltotheany says:

    Solly, I love you so much. Thank you for including me in this. Your friendship means so much to me and you are such a bright light in the community. Now… let’s buddy read some freakin’ Clockwork Princess! Muhahaha! Protect me with your angel, please, okay, thanks, love you, byeeeee! 💕xx

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