~ A Thousand Perfect Notes ~

“He hates her music – he’s in love with his own.”

~ A Thousand Perfect Notes ~

by C.G Drews


Pages: 282 (Paperback)

Rating: 5/5 Stars


Hello all! I’m back again with another review this week, I know shocking. This is a book that is so amazingly good that I could not put it down and ended up binging it all in one sitting. This easily makes it on my list for favorite books of all time though, really it is such a great book. There isn’t necessarily a lot I can review since it’s a book that has a deep plot and you just have to read it to experience it. Anyways, let’s get on with this review!


Beck is a musician, piano player, and inner composer. This story is about a young man who is physically and emotionally abused by his horrendous mother who was once a pianist and is trying to live her life through Beck. Beck lives and breathes the piano, he wakes and plays, he gets home from school and plays, before he sleeps he plays. It is a neverending process of playing and abuse from his mother. Now as someone who only has limited experience without abuse, I can’t say much so my friend Amber spoke well about representation and how it was portrayed to her (you can find her review here.) Now Beck is living his piano life when he meets a girl in class who he is partnered with to write an essay, this girl is August. August changes his life. Beck is now inevitably tangled up in August and just WOWZA I loved this storyline so much. And not only does Beck worry about piano, his horrible mother, and the new school essay, Beck has his little sister. His little sister means the full world to him, she is everything to him, and he must protect her from his mother and from the world. I love the sibling bond in this book and honestly, I just love this book. Even under all the hate in this book, there is an underlayer of hope and success. Knowing that there is light in such a dark theme makes this so much easier to read and makes you want to devour it all.


I am a musician who always looks for a book featuring realistic music. I know that probably doesn’t make sense, but a lot of times authors will throw in that a character plays piano or violin and yet the author knows nothing about music. It’s just a little detail to the character and they add a cliche quote about how music is their life and then they never pay attention to music again because they find a significant other. ANYWAYS, this whole book is focused on the piano (which is my main instrument) and I was in love with everything. It’s just the little things about how the piano works and the chords and the keys that make this book 10x better. Having a book that you can relate too on something that you love so so much is a blessing.

Sibling Love:

I am a sucker for good ole sibling love. Reading books where the siblings hate each other and despise their existence really gets old so having books where siblings love each other is really fantastic. Beck and Joey’s relationship is genuine and hilarious, it is great! Even if Joey messes up and does something wrong or lashes out, Beck is always there for her, it’s amazing.


(Chapter One) “You are an awful pianist. Your music has no future. You have no talent. Why don’t you play faster, better, clearer? Why do you hit the wrong notes all the time? Are you doing it on purpose areyouplayingbadlyonpurposeyouworthlesslittle—”

(Chapter One) “Play the music on the paper. No one cares about the songs in your head.”

(Chapter Three) “People change and betray you, but the piano does not.”

(Chapter Five) “Cut his chest and see his heart beat with a song all his own. Oh look, the world would say, this boy is hiding a universe of wonder in him after all.”

(Chapter Six) “Beck’s fingers calm and skate to the high registers, adding something sweet to the feast of darkness. It aches in minor, like butterflies and broken wings. If the audience doesn’t lose some tears over this, they have no soul. He leaves the butterflies bleeding over their wings and descends back to the pits of volcanoes and terror. He plays like it’s his last moment on earth. He plays so he feels like crying. And then it’s done. Silence.”

(Chapter Nine) “Music is nothing unless it fills your soul with colour and passion and dreams.”

(Chapter Thirteen) “Here is advice you need to learn, Junge. If you do not say hello, you do not need to say goodbye.”

(Chapter Twenty) “You said you would save yourself – do it.”

I really do need to get a hardcopy of this book because it’s amazing, and THE COVER THOUGH! It’s as beautiful as the inside (which is such a rare thing to be honest.) I recommend this book if you’re looking for something hopeful and full of love. Love is so strong in this book even though the hate is there, there is still an amazing story of redemption. Also, the very last quote killed me. It left me so dead.

I hope y’all are having a great week and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


6 thoughts on “~ A Thousand Perfect Notes ~

  1. ambsreads says:

    I LOVE THIS REVIEW!! You seriously have a way with words boyo and I am so happy to be seeing your reviews in my feed! Thank you so much for linking back to my review, I appreciate that so much. Love you so much ❤️

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