~ An Enchantment of Ravens ~

“Could you really love someone that way, when all they were to you was a pleasant illusion?”

~ An Enchantment of Ravens ~

by Margaret Rogerson


Pages: 304 (Kindle Edition)

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Hello y’all! I am back this week with another review, for one of my most anticipated releases of 2017. And … I’m just upset by a lot of things. By the plot, the characters, and just a lot of stuff let me down. (Not the cover, of course, this cover is a blessing to the Mortals.) I was gifted this ARC from a friend, and we ended up BR it. AND AHA she didn’t even finish because yeah it was bad. I want to say if you want a good review about the story and how it’s set up and how good a majority of everyone thinks it is, then go read Britt’s review and Josh’s review! They really love the book and they’re probably the best reviews for the book. I am a small minority that hated the book so I’m rare LOL. BUT this is just a rant about how I hated the books so if you do love rants, then proceed! And without further ado, let’s get on with this rant/review.


An Enchantment of Ravens starts off with our painter, special snowflake, beautiful human, Isobel. Isobel has a Craft of painting and this is something cherished by the Faeries of the world (Wispy? Whimsy? I SHOULD KNOW I just finished it less than 24 hours ago *facepalm*) What makes Isobel so cherished is that the Fae cannot do normal things that humans do, it will just crumble and wisk away. Anyways, cooking, writing, painting, any Normal thing, they cannot do. Isobel is instantly amazing and talented and wonderful and so cherished !! Wow !! Exciting !! And she is painting a faerie when the book starts, his name is Gadfly, and he is a regular who loves his face so much that he wants it painted all the time. AND THEN homedude decides to just drop a tad bit of info, the autumn prince Rook is coming to get his painting done! This is a !! Big Deal !! because he’s the most powerful Fae prince. So Isobel commences to Freak Out because wow no one saw this coming !! Aha sorry but like she’s the most famous painter, obviously, he’s going to show up. Hmph. But anyway long story short (at least 20%) she paints a human emotion (sadness) into his eyes and that’s a big Sin. It shows him as weak, OH ! Should probably throw in that Faeries can’t feel a lot of emotions except anger and love? I don’t get the whole no emotions thing because they were showing quite a bit of Emotion all the time. Well, he whisks her away to Faerie land to pay for her !oh so terrible crimes! AND I’m not going to lie, it sounds amazing, it sounds beautiful, it sounds wonderful. But hmm I’ve been Cover Catfished (a term that dear Emma has come up with.) And Cover Catfished is when a cover is 11/10 looking but the content is 2.5/5 stars. This book is the epitome of a Cover Catfish.


  • Isobel the Painter: She had a nice start. And then I don’t know what happened to her but I was not digging it. I do think she has a good heart but her personality is just ACK. I do love that she is an artist though! It is very hard to find an accurate depiction of artists, and Margaret actually got her art terms perfect and just props to her for that. But I think my biggest problem with Isobel is that she doesn’t grow. There’s no development. There’s no change. She is the same boring o’le person through and through. I think if anything, her head gets bigger and she thinks she’s so important. But yeah I don’t mess with Isobel. We are not friends. There is a great quote from her that I love about her painting though!  I feel this on a spiritual level but with music.

    “I paint not because I want to, not because I’m good at it, but because it is what I must do, what I live and breathe, what I was made for.”

  • Rook the Autumn Prince: Rook deserves better. I love Rook. I love his character his funniness. I just think he is a great person/fae. And he transforms into a purple eyed raven?? I loved it. But, Rook deserved more than Isobel and I just don’t know what he saw in her, to be honest. He was just wrapped up in Isobel and WOW I don’t understand why lol. If there was to be a release of a book all about his prior life, then I’d read it instantly just because he is that great of a character. *crosses fingers*

What Lacketh:

  • There was little to no plot. At all. Everything that happened in this book was ? expected ? Now I don’t know if everyone else was shook by the plot? Maybe it’s just I was sorely unimpressed with Isobel and how fast everything was moving that I just didn’t care? LOOK AT ALL THESE QUESTION MARKS LOL. But yeah legit hated the plot. I wasn’t surprised or shook and I just didn’t care.
  • Ahaha as I already said, I didn’t like the character representation. I didn’t like how Isobel acted or how she was portrayed to be this amazing human. I don’t know if this is considered to be a spoiler since it says they fall in love in the synopsis but anyways, I didn’t like how Smitten Rook was with Isobel. He was some dumbstruck love Fae WHO LEGIT JUST MET HER LIKE ?? two weeks ago ?? Nope. Nope. I can’t dig it. And she was all shook that the Autumn Prince loved her. Ahahaha I can’t handle how just predictable this was.
  • Im going to throw this in there to be Extra. How come no one has said anything about all these characters being white? IF I recall correctly, there was a little paragraph dedicated to how all the dark people live far away and weren’t in these fair lands. I was like ? hmmmm ? I don’t get upset about the whole diversity thing at all. But it felt really different and weird to just be like yeah “They live in the mountains and don’t belong here.” INTERESTING. Where’re all the #diversebook people now ?? IDK.

What was Strong:

  • I adore Margaret Rogersons ability to create a beautiful world. She is a master with just setting up a gorgeous prose. Her writing is really what kept me going. And the writing is usually what saves the book for me, just what I listed above killed it for me. But I cannot deny that Margaret is a wonderful writer. Her sentence structure is beautiful and I do feel a little bad for hating this. If she was to write another book, I’d 100% give it a go, because I really wanted to love this but oops. Here’s a gorgeous quote that gave me chills!

    “We aren’t ageless creatures who watch centuries pass from afar. Our worlds are small, our lives are short, and we can only bleed a little before we fall.”

  • Rook! Rook saved the book! Again, I wish there was a whole book about him because I need it.
  • So this got a star for Margaret Rogersons writing! and Rook got 1.5 stars! Congrats!

Spoilers Incoming!

Spoilers Incoming!

Spoilers Incoming!

Spoilers Incoming!

You’ve Been Warned!

Honestly, They’re Not HUGE! Because This was EXTRA Predictable!


Welcome to my favorite part. The spoilers. This is where I really get into what I hated about this book. AND a majority of yall know I don’t really hate a lot of books, I don’t. I’m not a hate reader, I’m not a rude person. BUT gosh this book just brought out the demon. So lemme start off with the plot. This was the biggest problem. SO after Rook takes her into the Fae lands, they run into Gadly and you find out he’s a Fae Prince (Sprince Court.) That was apparent. Aahahaha OKAY NO FIRST, Rook decides that Isobel had no intention to harm him !! big shock !! Which sure is a big shock to Rook because he’s such a big doofus but Isobel just acts like she’s so honored or whatever. ALSO saw this coming. And okay anyways, they go see Gadly and he invites them the Spring Court and they go inside. And Isobel is cherished because !! Human !! in the Fae Lands !! So yeah they do a painting party thing for her where Isobel paints human emotions into the Faerie’s faces. This is pretty hilarious because she then gets tricked by one of the Fae, and she gets turned into a rabbit and she almost gets eaten and wow I was LIVING. But of course, Rook had to come save her. ANYWAYS, so y’all know that Isobel and Rook love each other. Everyone knew it was coming because the synopsis says it so yeah. And they had an intense make-out session in the woods, and this is breaking the Good Law. WHICH no one explains the Good Law, ever. It’s just like “they kissed” and WAHAHABAM the Good Law has appeared.

So this Good Law forbids Fae’s from having lascivious acts with a human. This is set in place by the Fae King, whose name is Alder. So he’s the Alder King. And Homedude is mentioned like twice. TWICE. He has no backstory or anything. So Gadfly knows that Rook and Isobel broke the Good Law because he knows everything. Gadfly then proceeds to turn them into the Alder King and they’re whisked off to meet their death by the Alder King.


Ahhaha okay, so apparently, if a Prince tears his finger off, it’s a declaration to challenge the Alder King to the throne. SO ROOK is risking his life so he can live a happily ever after with Isobel. But then he then proceeds to turn into a horse and him and Isobel run off to the cottage where she originated from. FROM THERE, the Alder King is chasing them through the forest. And then !! special Isobel !! has !! a !! idea !! LEMME PAINT THIS KING AND SHOW HIM HUMAN EMOTION. So that’s exactly what she does. Mr. King Alder shows up to the cottage, she shows him the pic, he freaks, OML it’s lit, she stabs him in the heart. He dies. We meet this BIG BAD KING for like 20% at the end ?? and he dies by a mortal girl who stabs him ?? THE FAE can’t even amount to his power, but yet again these Humans are so special and Isobels paintings are so !! wuzzah !! SO NOW, Isobel is a dang Fae Queen. All because she stabbed him. She don’t deserve the throne ?? Homegirl paints and that’s it. She ain’t special. WOW GOODBYE ENGLISH HELLO EBONICS. Hmphh yeah literally all that goes down in probably like 50 pages?? Not near enough time to actually comprehend ANYTHING. It’s all too fast and this Alder King was a Joke.

SO the Epilogue. This cursed Epilogue. Isobels, the Fae savior, is bringing emotions with paintings and changing these vicious faeries lives. HMM yeah okay sure Jan. And Rook is still infatuated with her because she can paint. I didn’t see no real love growth or anything, he loved her for her Craft IMO. But he’s all like “The stars can’t amount to our love, such love I have for you. Even though I shouldn’t be able to feel emotions, that Painting THO. Brought out these feelings for you girl, my heart, my Isobel.” By that point my eyes were just gone because I rolled them so much that they disappeared. Imma start a movement, #rookdeservedbetter. Because my bro Rook, what happened ?! Why you all love smitten now ?! Where is your evilness !?! Anyways I’m done here, I can’t relive this book any longer.

Oh also there’s this whole story with a Green Well and Crow Pin featuring past loves that was so unneeded and annoying that I won’t waste my time.

The Spoilers Are Over 

They are Gone

They are Over

Welcome to the ACOTAR Discussion

WELL HELLO! So this is a spoiler free section where I discuss how this is NOTHING like ACOTAR. Now, these are two entirely different kinds of books. Whoever first started comparing this to ACOTAR ? why ? They aren’t even similar once you get to the 20% way. These fae stick to the original Fae aesthetic. They’re real Fae and this is a journey story, and just nothing like ACOTAR at all LOL! Sure Feyre – I mean Isobel paints. And sure Rhysand – OOPS ! Rook is a dark mysterious prince fae. But that’s where they end. Okay there was a guest appearance from Hybern – crap I mean the Alder King. But that’s honestly it. Not similar at all except for similar character structure or professions. So yeah don’t buy into the ACOTAR Similarity. ACOTAR is great ! because Plot ! And AEOR is good because Great Writing. But they have different objectives to their story. I really don’t think it’s fair to lead people into AEOR with the mindset of this is going to be like ACOTAR. I feel like that will let people down, even more, let them go into with a mindset of this is a somewhat retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Wow I feel great getting all of that off of my chest. Such a great feeling to RANT and let go. And I know I’m not savage but I enjoy being harsh every now and then, pumps up the blood! Anyways, I will still be buying the book for the cover because it’s gorgeous LOL. The sad life of a Bookstagramer. DO IT FOR THE FEED!
Anyways, I hope y’all have a great night/day and Happy reading!

~ Solo


12 thoughts on “~ An Enchantment of Ravens ~

  1. Emma says:

    so many thoughts!!! 1) great review! 2) literary catfishing is a real thing people, be aware !! 3) on the subject of diversity, wtf??? did they actually say “all the poc live somewhere else and they’re boring bc what. the. fuck. 4) there was SO MUCH sarcasm in that section about ACOTAR….I didn’t even know you were capable of so much salt, I love it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nerd Narration says:

    The cover catfishing thing is gold! Made me laugh out loud! I’m so torn on this now!! All the initial reviews I saw were “5 Star Best Book Ever” reviews and now lots of salt is being sprinkled throughout the book community. We shall see what I do… Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. May @ Forever and Everly says:

    This is an AMAZING review omg. I got an ARC as well and I wanted so much to love it but… I did not. I AGREE — Rook deserved so much better?? And I think Rook was actually dark-skinned (people from the winter courts were lighter, people from summer were darker, idk??) but lol I don’t really remember. 😂 And YESS. The villain showed up for not even half of the book and got killed off and then suddenly Isobel is queen and everything and like,, what. Isobel definitely was a boring character and I just had SO many problems with this book ugh. The cover is gorgeous tho!! 😍 (But it doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m so salty. 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Bookish King says:

      Ahaha THANK YOU!!! Everything about the book was just BLEGH, with the exception of Rook. I’m really hoping he gets his own book because he definitely 10000% deserves it xD lolol and yeah the beautifulness doesn’t make up for anything, I’m still tempted to buy it tho LOL


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