~ Wonder Woman: Warbringer ~

“I am a queen and an Amazon; you are wise to tremble.”

~ Wonder Woman: Warbringer ~

Leigh Bardugo


Page Count: 384 (Hardcover)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

LOOK AT ME with back to back reviews. Go ME. LOLOL. But I’m back with another of my favorite reads of September. And I’ve only read two books so far this month and both of them were AMAZING (the other one I’m talking about is Tower of Dawn.) Okay, I just want to say that Wonder Woman is everything I wanted it to be, and more. It was the most fun I’ve had out of a book in awhile and it just made me feel happy. It’s hilarious and Leigh Bardugo KILLS it with her writing style. I mean “Kills” in a good way like she’s amazing LOL. Wonder Woman was one of my Most Anticipated Releases of 2017 and wow it definitely deserves a place on the Best Releases of 2017.


This Wonder Woman seems very different to me. I’m not a HUGE comic book fan, but I do love superheroes very very much! I love DC (my favorite hero, of course, is Batman) but Wonder Woman is definitely a favorite as well. And this story starts with Diana in a footrace against her sisters. She’s trying to show that she is true Battle Born and deserves to be viewed as an equal Amazonian. And while in the race, a ship crashes into the side of Theyscira – the sacred home of the Amazons – and this changes the whole story. Diana knows that is something that constantly happens, it is normal, it is just daily life. But when Diana hears a human girl crying out, she cannot help but go and save the girl. She learns that the girl, Alia, was on a school Marine Biology trip when the ship exploded. WOWZA it all goes downhill here. Now that there is a human on the island, it freaks out. Sickness breaks out and the ground shakes and the weather is insane. Diana must take Alia off the island, because of what she is and her crashing on the island is no mistake. Alia finds out that she is the Warbringer, a descendant of Helen of Troy, and the reason the world is ending. Pretty much the whole book is action packed on action and it’s WILD. Diana, Alia, and Alia’s friends embark on a crazy journey to save the world that’s filled with twists and heart-wrenching turns.


I LOVE the characters in this book. Leigh Bardugo has a way of writing characters that are complex. They are amazing each in their own way and it’s just insane to see how awesome her characters are. Diana is such an intricate but sheltered character. And we see how she is adapting the real world, after living forever on a hidden island. She grows as a woman and I love it. And I also really love Alia. She is a young black American woman and she struggles. While living in New York she struggles, with her skin, with her family, and just with herself. But what I LOVE that Leigh does, is that not all of Alia’s struggles are with her skin. She has other problems too, she isn’t letting her color take away from who she is. Which is how it should be. I don’t like PoC characters who just worry constantly about their skin and color (unless it is a book depicting the struggles of being a PoC in America.) But I love how Alia just lives her life and still acknowledges that she isn’t treated fair because of her skin, but she is MORE than that. I just love it. And there is also a Bi character for everyone who is all aboard that Diversity Train. To be honest, it’s Leigh Bardugo so of course Diversity plays a big part of this whole story!


(Chapter 3) “There is no joy in having been born mortal. You need never know the sorrow of what it is to be human. Among all of us, only you will never know the pain of death.”

(Chapter 6) “They build with steel and stone and promise to remember, she’d said. But they never do.”

(Chapter 8) “It’s not just to ask someone to live half a life,” Diana said. “You can’t live in fear. You make things happen or they happen to you.”

(Chapter 9) “Procatalysia,” Diana murmured. “She who comes before the world dissolves.”

(Chapters 12) “Some sorrows had to be borne alone.”

(Chapter 13) “It’s the people who never learn the word impossible who make history, because they’re the ones who keep trying.”

(Chapter 13) “We can’t help the way we’re born. We can’t help what we are, only what life we choose to make for ourselves.”

(Chapter 25) “We’re brutes and have been since our beginning. If we can’t have peace, then at least give us a chance at a beautiful death.”

I really really love this book! And the action and the comedy and the characters. But also it’s Leigh Bardugo so no one is really surprised that I love it LOL. I don’t really want to say that I don’t know how well it goes with DC Canon. Just because I don’t read a lot of comics as I’ve already said, but I did very very much enjoy it! I highly recommend it to everyone no matter your preference. If you’ve read it, then I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

I hope y’all have a great day and Happy Reading!

~ Solo



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