~ Tower of Dawn ~

“Everything I thought, everything I had planned and wanted … It’s gone. All I have left is my king, and this ridiculous, slim scrap of hope that we survive this war and I can find a way to make something of it.”

“Of what?”

“Of everything that crumbled in my hands. Everything.”

~ Tower of Dawn ~

by Sarah J. Maas


Page Count: 660 (Hardcover)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Now y’all this book has left me absolutely shook. Sarah J. Maas did it again with murdering my feels. She just killed them all. I do want to say I wanted to hate this so much. FOR ONCE JUST LET ME HATE A BOOK. Especially because it included my Former Arch-Nemesis, Chaol Westfall. But this book just changed absolutely EVERYTHING. I am so shocked and in love with this and it is officially my favorite Sarah J. Maas book. YUP. SO good that it surpasses all the others. It is such an emotional journey and it’s so beautiful and wow okay, just wow. And to be honest, this whole review will be me just yelling about how wonderful this book is.

Overview (does contain spoilers from previous books):

Tower of Dawn takes place after the horrific events of Queen of Shadows. Chaol and Nesryn are now on their way to the Southern Continent to convince the Khagan to join Aelin and Dorian against Erawan. While they’re in Antica, their plans are to heal Chaol of his paralyzed state, by the great healers of the Torre Cesme. This gigantic book is the beautiful but treacherous journey of Chaol and Nesryn in the Southern Continent. And this book is split into three different PoV’s: Nesry, Chaol, and Yrene. Now Yrene is a character from the novellas in Assassin’s Blade! And it was so cool to see her again and to see how she has grown since meeting Celaena. All of the characters are brought together and are forced to deal with each other and I loved it so much. And y’all!! Talk about diversity! Sarah J. Maas pumped up the diversity in this book, honestly, I loved it. But really that’s all this book is about is just Chaol being healed and Nesryn trying to convince the royals to join their side.

The Southern Continent/ Diversity:

The Southern Continent/ Antica was filled with diverse characters. And as I look back … I really think everyone varies in shades of brown (yeaus!) and Chaol was like the only white person. And no, I don’t think it’s amazing because there are no white people and only PoC. It’s just a different thing to see from Sarah. AS WELL! As an interracial couple !! Hooray !! Okay, I loved just seeing different cultures and see how their lives work around their religion. Religion plays such a big part in different cultures and you can see the large impact of it in Antica. Also !! There are giant eagle bird mounts called Ruks, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Imagine giant fluffy bird pets, Yes Please!

Chaol Westfall:

Now as many of my friends know, I despised Chaol. Chaol and I were not friends. I honestly gave 0 craps about what happened to him. But hmm wow okay, this book has changed everything. This poor child has been through so much and just okay, I wasn’t expecting so many emotions from him. Chaol has become one of my all time favorite characters and he is definitely the shining star in this book. Your heart just can’t help but go out to him. He has always been so moody and his bluntess is hilarious. But you can tell there’s something different about him in this book, he’s a little off. And we get to see so much of his backstory and his prior life and wow it’s just crazy heartbreaking. He is so broken inside I think, without Dorian and without any friends beside Nesryn. Chaol spends so much time in own head, and it’s not a fun place to be. Just thinking about it now is making me emotional lol. He’s in such a lonely place and without anyone and just filled with remorse about his past actions. Everything is so painful to read and so tough to experience. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for his character development, and to go on the journey. There’s the message of it gets better. No matter what, it gets better. *cries for ten years*

Nesryn Faliq:

Holy wow this woman got some improvement. And in QoS she wasn’t my favorite and she just seems so boring and bland? But definitely not, she is totally not bland or boring and I love her. She is so strong and independent and I really do love her. Sarah J. Maas is so good at developing her characters, I am completely blown away! Seeing such a different side to her is crazy. I loved how she was herself with her family, we see her talents and we see she’s more than an archer. Nesryn is an incredibly strong character.

Yrene Towers:

YRENE. My heart. I love love love Yrene so much. When I first met her in Assassin’s Blade, I hated her so much. Her story was so boring and just ?? unnecessary ?? But now as I read Tower of Dawn, I know it is definitely not an unnecessary story. Yrene is so important and so strong and so amazing. Y’all. I LOVE everyone in this novel. Sarah J. Maas is at again with making me fall in love with all the characters. I hate how she does this … ugh.


(pg. 9) “He was Lord of Nothing. Lord of Oath-Breakers. Lord of Liars.”

(pg. 113) “You must enter where you fear to tread.”

(pg. 202) “The heart he’d offered and had been left to drop on the wooden planks of the river docks. An assassin who had sailed away and a queen who had returned.”

(pg. 280) “For it was love that shaded the entirety of the world here, gilded it. Love and joy. Happiness. The sort he had not known with his own family. Or anyone else.”

(pg. 443) “I came to not only save my people, but all peoples of this world,”

(pg. 485) “Its beauty is not for everyone,” she said. “But it sings to me, somehow.”

(pg. 514) “I will cherish it always,” Yrene said, and he knew she wasn’t talking about the locket. Not as she lowered a hand from his face to his chest. Atop his raging heart. “No matter what may befall the world.” Another featherlight kiss. “No matter the oceans, or mountains, or forests in the way.”

(pg. 540) “And I may have failed her in this life. But not in my death.”

(pg. 566) “And he had been so bewitched by it, this woman who had been a living flame. He’d been willing to leave it all behind. The honor. The vows he’d made. For this haughty, swaggering, self-righteous woman, he had shattered parts of himself. And afterward, she had walked away, as if he were a broken toy.”

(pg. 572) “The darkness belongs to you. To shape as you will. To give it power or render it harmless.”

(pg. 657) “Every step. Every curve into darkness. Every moment of despair and rage and pain. It had led him to precisely where he needed to be. Where he wanted to be. A moment of kindness. From a young woman who ended lives to a young woman who saved them.”

That Ending (does contain major spoilers):

Y’all. Y’all. Y’all. Y’all. I need people to scream about this with. The fact that Yrene and Chaol are Married has me DEAD. And also Maeve? A Valg Queen? DEAD. SJM killed me. But the thing that killed me the most is Yrene Westfall. Just consider me dead. Okay. Just dead.

So yeah sorry for the all over the place review! I don’t want to comment on the disability rep just because that isn’t my place at all. And I can’t stand when people are like “Yeah I’m not PoC but I felt like the rep was spot on.” … it’s just ?? like why even comment on if it if you cannot relate? But once one of my friends finishes the book, I will link her review because she knows what it’s like to be in Chaols position. And I think it is very important to listen to what someone who has actually experienced what the characters are going through.

And I’m just shocked that this book has left me so shocked. And I’m even more surprised that this has come to be my favorite SJM novel, right behind ACOMAF and HoF! I’m also going to leave a whole of pics that I took of the book, because I’m 100% obsessed LOL!! If you want to, you can follow my bookstagram !! here !!for similar photos. I do have a giveaway coming soon as well!

Anyways, I hope y’all have a great day and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


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