~ Fictional Daily Living ~

Hello everyone! Today’s post is “Top 5 Wednesday” which is a weekly bookish tag/prompt set up by Samantha on GR. This weeks prompt is about Top 5 Character Workout Routines?? And like legit, who came up with this???? I don’t read about any kind of characters working out? is that a THING? is there a genre for that? LOLOL because I seriously know that Shadowhunters work out and that’s about it. So this is just going to be Fictional Daily Lives that I wouldn’t mind doing because I can’t handle work out stuff. I really don’t want to stress out over finding characters who work out because I’m seriously not here for stressing right now. Also, it’s kind of fun to see if you could handle being in another character’s shoes!


~ The Shadowhunter Life ~

Shadowhunters have some of the craziest lives imaginable. And they also have crazy workout schedules. Oh, uhmm for those of you who don’t know, the Shadowhunter Chronicles are written by Cassandra Clare but I think literally everyone knows that lol. But honestly, what do you expect, they all look amazing and are super ripped so they’re obviously the real winners here. SOMEONE answer me as to why 99% of book characters are attractive and are toned and have flowy hair? Where’s the IRL rep? But anyways, I would love to murder demons and to have a shorter life span. Sounds like the best life imaginable.

if i stay chloe grace moretz.jpg


~ Mia’s Musicals ~

Now uhmm ahah okay with this one, I only enjoy Mia’s musical life. Mia is the main character from If I Stay by Gayle Forman. And she has an incredible musical life ahead of her and behind her. She is very amazing with the cello and would play for people and at concerts and that sounds so fun. I’m ultra shy about my piano playing and stuff, but I think playing in front of a lot of people at least would be a pretty insane experience. Being able to live your life doing what you love would be amazing.

I have 0 knowledge as to who drew this but Creds to Artist!

~ Lazlo the Dreamer ~

AHH I want to be Lazlo Strange so bad. And for those who don’t know, he is the main character of Laini Taylor’s, Strange the Dreamer. Lazlo travels the world in search of the lost world Weep. And he is also a librarian and just he does everything amazing? I think I could be stuck doing what he does for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. This is also my favorite book of the year so of course, I had to add something about it!


~ Keeper of Beasts ~

Ahahah okay, so I know this title is confusing but does anyone know if Newt Scamander had an actual name for keeping all his beasts? But anyways, I would LOVE to live the life that Newt has. Finding fantastic creatures and keeping them safe and offering them a home sounds amazing. It’s pretty much a Magical Pokemon. But Newt lives one of the coolest lives out there and it would be amazing to live it out.

Photo Creds to Marie Lu

~ Emika the Hacker ~

I love love love Emika Chan from Warcross by Marie Lu. And in Warcross, Emika is a hacker and computer geek. I would love to be a computer geek. I, unfortunately, am missing about 510 brain cells, and I just can’t see that in my future. And she plays a big role in virtual reality and just she’s so smart! And she’s a bounty hunter as well so she has an Intense life. I definitely would just swap with her any time of the year.

I feel like the biggest cheater this week AHAHA. I literally didn’t stick to the task at ALL. But I just would like to live these lives for a few days and just experience something that isn’t about being fit and having to look nice. So yup if you have any characters who you’d like to be for a few days or if they do something that you would like, then I’d love to hear!

I hope y’all have a great day and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


7 thoughts on “~ Fictional Daily Living ~

  1. Emma says:

    torn between wanting to be Lazlo and wanting to marry him……that boy is too good for this world or any world

    also I believe Newt’s official title is magizoologist

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Emma says:

        how the hell am I supposed to divorce Lazlo he would probably cry and I would feel like the shittiest human being ever, he doesn’t deserve that


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