~ Ten Bookish Recs for Music Lovers ~

Hello again! “Top Ten Tuesdays” is finally back! I really hope the creators had a nice break, but I’m definitely glad that they’re back. “Top Ten Tuesday” is a bookish tag that features a new prompt every Tuesday and is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week was pretty much a fill in the blank on Ten Books for *insert here.* And there were so many options to go with, but I went with a list that I would have liked to see created. Or who knows, maybe one is already created and I just don’t know about it. But anyways, here for Ten Bookish Recommendations for Music Lovers!


~ Wintersong by S. Jae Jones ~


Yeah, so I already know my friend Emma is going to roast me for this. She is a huge music nerd as well as myself, and she hated this book so much. BUT I want to say that this book has some of the most beautiful musical quotes and the story revolves so much around music. I feel like that’s the main reason I loved this so much because the music rep was SO GOOD. Also, the beautiful writing is a major plus. I feel like it’s time for a reread xD!


~ Passenger by Alexandra Bracken ~


This is a duology that is amazing. The main character, Etta, plays the violin and pretty much the whole storyline is set into place just because of her violin. And there are some BEAUTIFUL music quotes in these duology. I am so impressed and definitely recommend it if you want some musical influence in your reading life.


~ The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare ~


This series is my all time favorite. Nothing tops it and everything is PERFECT. But this one also features the worlds best violin player, James Carstairs. Wow, this musical influence killed me. It’s used throughout the whole book and in the epilogue of the final book. SO YUP it completely wrecked me. Please read these if you haven’t already done it.


~ Monsters of Verity by Victoria Schwab ~


Well, look at this. Another book that features a main character who plays the violin. I didn’t realize the violin was such a trend in YA books until this very moment LOL. But the main character August plays the violin and reaps peoples souls. Crazy insanely cool and I ADORE this duology. So so good. Definitely, read it for the musical darkness!


~ If I Stay by Gayle Forman ~


Hmm so this book features another String Instrument player but the main character plays the cello instead of the violin. I LOVE the cello so so so much. It sounds so beautiful and it’s wonderful and this book uses music so well. I really recommend this! There are two books to this series and book two features more heavily on music but this one is pretty good too. OH! And there’s a guitarist in this one as well!


~ Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas ~


Now this one doesn’t HEAVILY feature musical themes. But in the first few books of the series, the main character has a connection with the piano since she is a piano player. And there are some scenes that really tugged at my heart strings and just made me tear up a little. Celeana sees a piano and she hasn’t played in years and she just lets the music flow through her and she has missed the connection to music that she loved so much. And wow it was such a powerful scene. I could just imagine myself not having my piano or having a way of escape really, since that what music is. And it’s heartbreaking and not something I like to think about. But yeah, there are some really touching musical scenes in this series.


~ Roseblood by A.G Howard ~


Okay, so this book is weird. It’s been described as a “Phantom of the Opera” retelling, but no, it’s like an after story to PoTO. But this is another book that has strong musical themes. This one features opera singing at its center and it was so haunting and honestly, just weird. The cover is fantastic though, but yeah just be warned that the story is crazy. The musical haunting of this book is phenomenal though!


~ Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo ~


Now okay, Six of Crows doesn’t feature a lot of music. But the next book, Crooked Kingdom features a bit of it. One of the main characters of the whole series is a pianist and a flutist. Wylan is one of the funniest and best characters in the story and I love his musical upbringing. There honestly isn’t a lot of musical themes in books, but even if there is a little bit, then I’m all for it!


~ The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare ~


Ahaha yeah, so I’m kind of running out of books that have musical influence. So, Jace does play the piano (shout out to all the fellow pianists) and I really don’t think there are a lot of musical scenes in this series. I really adore these characters and everything they do. BUT, there is a lot of rock band stuff from Simon. And I just realized I could be including music other than classical but for some reason, my mind is always drawn to classical. This series does contain a bit of music and it makes it 10x better!


~ Twilight by Stephenie Meyer ~


I can just feel the Twilight haters coming at me for putting this book on the list. But y’all, Bella’s Lullaby is ICONIC. It is one of the catchiest piano tunes out there and I have listened to it about one hundred thousand times. (Here’s the link so y’all can listen to it if you haven’t!) IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AGH!!! Okay though, Edward does play piano in book one, but I don’t think he ever touched another one in the whole series. Hmm. Never thought of that before but maybe it was just thrown in as a romantic gesture. But anyways, Bella’s Lullaby is iconic and I had to include it.

My brain is dead. I have spent almost three hours just sitting here trying to write this post. I really am just a music nerd and I adore music to no end. If I didn’t have God and music then I probably would be the most miserable person to exist. I take music very seriously and just I love it so much. But anyways, if you have any more books that feature music, then I’d love to hear about them because I need more!!!

I hope y’all have a great day and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


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