~ The Unpopular Opinion ~

Hola folks! Today I’m doing ” The Unpopular Opinion” book tag. I was “tagged” by one of my most favorite humans on this planet, Amber! I’m really not a negative person, but I’m going to try to be one today LOL. And I also don’t hate like anything, so it’s just going to be a lot of me “not enjoying” instead of “hating.”


~ A Popular Book/Series You Did Not Like ~

Hmm. I have a lot. But I’m going to go with The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I really just don’t get the hype about this book. It was boring and slow and everyone was stupid. I don’t necessarily HATE this book, but it’s pretty close. I rated it 3 stars (don’t ask why, past me was so nice) but it’s really like a 2 star, maybe even a 1.5?!? But anyways, this was just blegh and I’m so glad I don’t ever have to experience such a slow experience again.


~ A Popular Book/Series That is Hated but You Love ~

I’m going to go with Twilight. So many people hate this series, it’s crazy. When seriously, I don’t think YA would be the way it is today without Twilight. Perhaps people could be a little more appreciating but nah, tons of folks have no chill with the series and with the readers. I love(not) how people who enjoy Twilight are considered to be stupid readers and immature? No sir, you are definitely wrong. We all have different opinions and if you don’t enjoy it, cool, and if you love it, cool.


~ A Hateable OTP ~

Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter. I have no idea why this even happened. I definitely don’t see them together at ALL. She just randomly made a strong presence in the last two books and I wasn’t digging it. Harry deserved better.


~ A Popular Genre You Hardly Reach For ~

High Fantasy Adult Books for smart people are just books I have no interest in. Sure they sound cool, but I’ve noticed a lot of readers in the “High Fantasy” genre are complete snobs and I can’t get along with them well. So, I avoid the genre and the community. I’ve also recently started to get into Brandon Sanderson, and he’s legit the only author whose High Fantasy novels that I’ll read. But yeah, I avoid the genre and the people (except for Sarah and Bentley and Melanie. You three are my homies.)


~ A Beloved Character You Do Not Like ~

Mhhhmmm. KELL MARESH. I don’t even know if that’s his last name LOL. But he’s the main character from The Shades of Magic series by Victoria Schwab. AND DEAR LORD I hate him so much. He just whines and complains and is just so annoying. I can’t stand him and the books would have been a lot better if he wasn’t in them.


~ A Popular Author You Cannot Get Into ~

Victoria Aveyard. Dear Lord I just can’t handle her books or her. I’ve seen a lot of the things she’s posted on Twitter and how she talks to some people. AND like honestly, would it kill her to act like a decent human being? But anyways, I don’t like her books or her so yup.


~ A Popular Bookish Trope You’re Tired of Seeing ~

Now, this is tricky because I like a lot of tropes if they are done right. I like the Insta-Love trope if it’s done right. And I like the Enemy to Lovers trope too IF it’s done right. But sometimes there are some very very badly done Insta-Love scenarios and I want to stab my eyes. I feel like that’s the one trope that I avoid unless it’s by an author I know can pull it off.


~ A Popular Series You Have No Interest in Reading ~

 The Selection Series by Kiera Cass doesn’t sound interesting at all. And from what I’ve heard from a lot of people, is that it’s terrible. LOL. I can’t stand over the top like lovey dovey books because they’re so extra. I definitely won’t ever be reading them because also, what kind of name is America Singer? And the fact that she sings too is so dumb.


~ A Movie/T.V Show that is Better than the Book ~

I don’t really watch any movies or T.V show adaptions just because I don’t watch T.V or movies lolol. But back when I did, I literally didn’t like any book-movie adaptations. If I had to choose, maybe the If I Stay adaptation? I really don’t know since I don’t watch anything anymore. I do think that maybe the Lunar Chronicles would make an epic T.V show though!

So sorry for such a lame last answer ahaha! This was actually pretty fun thinking of everything that I hate. But I’ll tag a few people, I really can’t think of anyone though?? Hmm well, I tag Maram, Ashlynn, and Emma because I live for them being Salty.

I hope y’all have a great day and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


32 thoughts on “~ The Unpopular Opinion ~

      1. ambsreads says:

        OK she’s so bloody important in the later books like she’s in the silver trio that kick ass and I’m just so proud of my girl Ginny. I can’t believe you don’t appreciate the perfectness that is Ginny Weasley aka the best female in Harry Potter


  1. Miguel Galang says:

    Interesting tag! I might do it as well because I was already thinking of my answers as I was reading yours. I’ll have to agree with you on the HF genre though – I don’t see myself reading any of those long as heck titles anytime soon! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ashlynn Peluso says:

    Number 8. Boiiiiii 😂😂😂 so much shade on the Selection. She doesn’t really sing she plays piano ANDDDDD you find out why her name is what it is in The One. It seems really lovey dovey from the descriptions but there’s a lot of government and political arrangements that go into it. America is actually against the whole love idea to begin with. But, aside from that, I’m sorry to hear you’ll never read them. At least we have other mutual book interests haha.



  3. Emma says:

    Hi Solomon. I know I’m not following your blog, but I wanted to take the chance to tell you that I really like it. It’s a really great blog, and you can make people laugh. It looks like we may have the same taste in books, too. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re really good at it! 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Happy reading! 😀


    Liked by 1 person

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