~ Hogwarts Represent ~

Heylo everyone! So, last night, my 20th Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone finally ARRIVED!! I just couldn’t stop smiling while looking through it, and I was just SO happy that I got it. And my Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw, so of course, I ordered the Ravenclaw version and WUZZAH it is beautiful. Okay, it’s actually really tiny in size, so that’s kind of weird, but that’s the only thing about it that threw me off. Here is a picture of how amazing the front cover looks because, for reals, it’s beautiful.


It’s shiny and it’s great. AND wow the actual hardcover feels crazy good too. I’m all around impressed okay, just Impressed. Also, the chapters look awesome and the PAGES ARE COLORED. They are blue with yellow stripes, and I’ve never been more in love with a book. I mean Look. You cannot tell me that it doesn’t look amazing.


Yeah I’m in love with it if you couldn’t tell. But the purpose of this post is not about the book (even though it seems like it LOL) I wanted to talk about being a Ravenclaw and why I love being a Ravenclaw. Now sure, Harry Potter is a fictional world, and the Houses are a fictional idea, but the Houses can be heavily applied in our lives. And to be honest, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you take your House sorting very seriously. But yeah, I love being a Ravenclaw because the house colors are blue. AHA okay, legit one of the main reasons I love being a Ravenclaw is because the blue, it goes with pretty much everything I wear, and it also matches my car so yeah LOL. Okay, okay, I really love that Ravenclaws are considered to be intellectuals and to be readers (this isn’t Ravenclaw exclusive okay, so please Hufflepuffs, keep your badger claws away.) I also love that Ravenclaws are pretty much all quirky and I’m not quirky so I have NO idea how this happened. Ravenclaw, has tons of space for people who love to learn and who love to be challenged with education, and we can all just hang out and be weird. Also, being a Ravenclaw means not giving a crap about anyone’s background, we just want you to be comfortable and to be weird with us. We’re also super cool because we have Luna Lovegood in our House, and who doesn’t love Luna? Yeah I don’t really have like 1000 reasons why I love being Ravenclaw, it’s just something I enjoy being a part of. I do really love that we can all be classified as lovers of knowledge and we like to have fun. Also, I got this pin at Barnes and Noble at the Cursed Child opening, and it intensified my love for the Ravenclaw aesthetic LOL.


I’d love to know more about why you love your House and what it means to you. Honestly, this post was just everywhere, and I really just wanted to show off my new book because I love it so much AHAHAHA. But I had to come up with something! But yeah, I really want to get to know all about you and your House and what it means to you!

I hope you all have a great Sunday and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


5 thoughts on “~ Hogwarts Represent ~

  1. Scarlet Vandenburg says:

    My Hogwart House is Gryffindor. I’ve always wanted to become a part of it. The reason I love Gryffindor is that Gryffindors are so chivalrous. Yep, they are intelligent, too. You know, we have Hermione Granger. The colour….. Scarlet. Well, that’s just like my favourite name.


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