~ Childhood Books ~

Heylo again! This “Top Five Wednesday” post is all about children’s books! Now, I have TONS of books that I read from when I was a kid (this is younger than 10 years.) And I read all the time when I was younger, thanks to my Grandma for making sure I read all the time. My childhood books are definitely special to me just because they got me to where I am today in my reading life. Without my childhood books, I probably wouldn’t be reading YA or any type of novel.  So yeah, shoutout to all my childhood books lolol


~ Junior Novelizations ~

Junior novels of movies were my JAM. I used to read all the High School Musicals, all the Disney movie books. If there was a book based on a kids movie, I had probably read it. Ya know, I’m not going to lie, they are TERRIBLE now. I don’t know who wrote them or what because it doesn’t ever say the author but man are they BAD. But they still, I absolutely loved them and I think I might reread these Camp Rock ones just to torture myself.


~ Goosebumps ~

Wow, where do I start with goosebumps? I read these constantly, it seemed like I never stopped reading them. They were so captivating and SCARY. But not going to lie, I read it now and I’m like “what even?? these are horrible!?” The nostalgia though is ReAl, and they are special in my heart. I can just see the cover on my shelf and I’m reminded of my great childhood reading days. When I wasn’t worried about getting hammered by controversial books and when my TBR wasn’t crushing my soul.


~ Percy Jackson ~

So yup, I know in the prompt it said to not include too much Percy Jackson, so I’m only putting the first book in. This copy ya see above is almost 10 years old. It’s been through Hell and back and I still cherish it. This book brought me along the amazing journey that RUINED MY LIFE FOR LIKE 5 YEARS. I’ve been reading Rick Riordan’s books ever since I read this, and it’s been an amazing journey still! Percy Jackson is such a funny series, but also serious and just heart-warming. AND YEAH I’m being a SAP but this series means so much to me! I don’t really think I’d be the reader I am today without Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


~ Avatar the Last Airbender ~

SO, for this one, ATLA was pretty much my whole entire life. I have always been crazily obsessed with Avatar and when I was little, I read this Lost Scrolls book about 100 times. It has tons of Water Tribe information and stories, and it’s also just crazy fun to read to learn more about Aang and the gang. This is pretty much just a companion guide to the T.V series though, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you haven’t seen the cartoon. And if you haven’t seen the cartoon, don’t watch it, it’ll ruin your life for years. I’m trying to save you from years of PAIN.


~ The House of Secrets ~

This series is amazingly cool. I remember reading this first one when it came out, and I was SHOOK. It is soo good and magical and was surprised this was a children’s book. If you do have a younger child, I thoroughly recommend this book to them! It has pirates and a magical house and a great sibling bond (which is RARE.) So yeah, I highly recommend this for younger readers, okay let’s not lie, I recommend this to everyone!

Agh, the nostalgia with all these books is insane. I just get so happy thinking of them since they’re SO good! But also, kind of bummed I couldn’t throw Harry Potter in here because I only read it for the first time when I was 13. The books were not a part of my childhood, but the movies very much were! So I do get to miss out on saying I grew up with the books … I am glad I read the books that I did though! They definitely helped my reader self, grow.

But yeah, if you have any favorite books from your childhood, I’d love to hear about them!

I hope you all have a great day, and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


8 thoughts on “~ Childhood Books ~

    1. The Bookish King says:

      Ahahah my gma bought me the whole Narnia set when I was 7 and I still have them but havent read them (its been 10 years oml 😂) but ahhhh i remember watching the Golden Compass like 100000x and I just actually learned that it was a book series last year 😂😂

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