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Hola everyone! This Sunday’s post is about Throne of Glass! I know I do a lot of SJM stuff but aha she’s one of my faves. But this is also because Chelsea, Frankie, and myself were planning on Buddy Reading this series. And it totally just flunked, so we are going to come back at a later time ahahaha. I’m only going to be doing three books today, and then the other three next week. Mainly because the first two books and the novellas seem are so different than the last three in the series. But also because I don’t want this to be crazy extremely long! So let’s get on with it!


~ The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas ~

1. “Because the stag remains constant – no matter the season, he’s always there.” “Why?” Celaena took a long breath. “So the people of Terrasen will always know how to find their way home. So they can look up at the sky, no matter where they are, and know Terrasen is forever with them.”

2. “If you can learn to endure pain, you can survive anything. Some people learn to embrace it – to love it. Some endure it through drowning it in sorrow, or by making themselves forget. Others turn it into anger.”

3. “She was fire, she was darkness, she was dust and blood and shadow.” 

4. “Life isn’t easy, no matter where you are. You’ll make choices you think are right, and then suffer for them.”

5. “My name is Celaena Sardothien,” she whispered, “and I will not be afraid.”


~ Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas ~

1. “Still, the image haunted his dreams throughout the night: a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.”

2. “She’d loved to play, loved music, the way music could break and heal and make everything seem possible and heroic.”

3. “I like music because when I hear it, I … I lose myself within myself, if that makes sense. I become empty and full at once, and I can feel the whole earth roiling around me. When I play, I’m not … for once, I’m not destroying. I’m creating.”

4. “We all bear scars, Dorian. Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”

5. “You could rattle the stars. You could do anything, if you only dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.”


~ Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas ~

1. “I know you can look after yourself. But I worry because I care. Gods help me. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens.”

2. “Sometimes, it felt as though the darkness stared back at her – and the face it wore was her own.”

3. “Because,” she whispered, her voice shaking, “you remind me of how the world ought to be. What the world can be.”

4. “But death was her curse and her gift, and death had been her good friend these long, long years.”

5. “But no matter what I did, Elentiya, I want you to know that in the darkness of the past ten years, you were one of the bright lights for me. Do not let that light go out.”

If you’ve read these and would love to just talk about them, then drop a comment below! I’m always open to some ToG Conversation lolol it’s pretty much my life. Next week will be Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, and Empire of Storms! Heir of Fire has so many good quotes though, soo I may have like 10 for that book ahahaha! Anyways, I’ll have a review up tomorrow (hopefully) and the normal book tags will be out this week.

I hope y’all have a great Sunday and Happy Reading!

~ Solo


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