~ Nyxia ~

“Break the chains, the key cries. Take what is yours.”

~ Nyxia ~

by Scott Reintgen

Page Count: 384 (Kindle Edition)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Hello and Happy Monday (Mondays are never happy, who am I trying to kid? LOL) Okay though, Nyxia was a great intense book that was super fun and also emotional. It was so many things that I wasn’t expecting and it completely blew me out of the water! Now since it doesn’t come out until a few months, I’m going to keep the review pretty short and because I have no motivation to review. IDK why, or what’s wrong with me lately but reviewing is just so exhausting. I’d rather be reading or playing video games but NO, those stinking “RTCs” keep looking at me with murderous looks. So whatever, I’m forcing myself to get this over with LOLOL Someone send me some motivation though, I need it, or maybe some ice cream? I could use some of that too. ANYWAYS, let’s get on with this.

IN the far future ( i completely forgot which year this is in, but it’s in the future LOL ) we have 10 teens. All of them were found by this company called Babel, a company that found a new planet with life on it. And on this planet ( i forgot what the planet is called to OML IM A MESS ) And they are being sent to this planet to mine a substance called “Nyxia.” Nyxia, is a black substance, that can change form depending on the user’s thoughts. BUT the kids have to go get it because the life on the planet will kill adults. So the adults (Babel) have struck a deal with the Adamites (OH YEAS THE PLANET IS CALLED EDEN I JUST REMEMBER LOLOLOL) for the kids to come down to mine the Nyxia. But of course, something is fishy about it. And the catch is, is that only 8 kids get to go to the planet. And also, there’s a gigantic cash prize, so the teens are all POOR> So the catch is, is that the kids have to endure a competition on this ship that will rank them on their ability to survive on the planet. It’s like Hunger Games in space, but without the killing. They’re pitched against each other to try and get to the planet so they can make their money for their families. And it’s just crazy interesting.

What I Loved:
Well, I loved the whole book pretty much. This book was crazy intense and the author wrote AMAZING. Now it wasn’t super flowery or descriptive, but it was perfect for the pacing. AND also, there were moments where Scott hits you with these quotes and it hits your heart and it’s like WHO ALLOWED YOU TO DO THAT?? You think you’re just getting a Space-ish Hunger Games but no. It’s so much more than that. These teens become connected with each other, they become intertwined and begin to love each other. WHICH IS JUST HURTFUL. It messes with your heart so much. Also, every single character it feels like is from a different culture and race. So it’s insanely diverse, not just because of their race but because they do come from different backgrounds as well. I’m telling you, it won’t disappoint. OH OH, I also loved that it was a male MC. It’s like near impossible to find a male MC in YA novels. AND he was black, so that’s a double win because PoC males are hardly ever represented in YA novels. SO as I said earlier. This was just AMAZING.


( Part One ) “My dreams are black holes. In the first one, the black hole devours me atom by atom and leaves me in the nothing of the universe. In the second one, I’m the black hole. Towering and dark, I destroy the other contestants one by one. Their screams have no sound. I’m not sure which dream is scarier, the destroyed or the destroyer.”

( Part One ) “Why’d they choose us?”
“We’re all broken. They picked us because we’re broken.”

( Part One ) “All my chaos runs into the music. I play the song three times, louder and louder, until all I can hear is song, the pulse and the beat.”

( Part One ) “But you want to know why I care about you? Why I like you? Because I made a promise to myself when I was little. If I ever saw someone who was blue, like me, I’d never leave them. So I’m not going to leave you just because you had a bad day. I’m not going to leave you just because you’re mad at everything. We’re not just roommates anymore, Emmett; we’re family. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

( Part One ) “There’s a heaven in him no darkness can take.”

( Part Two ) “I cry good tears and bad tears, missing tears and hopeful tears. When I finally pull myself together, each footstep sounds like a promise.”

** Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a copy for review! **

** Also, all quotes are taken from the ARC, so they are not final! **

This was just such a fun book and I’m super glad I got the chance to read it. OH, and it also doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger so it’s safe for y’all who don’t like cliff-hangers. But I do need to know what happens to my faves. And this was also a buddy read with Melanie and Elise!!

Hope y’all have a great rest of your day and Happy Reading!
~ Solo


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      1. Nerd Narration says:

        I get it. You’ve got to take care of you and take care of life, but wanted to leave a kind word! Look forward to future posts — love your honest sass and gushing of quotes! =D


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