~ Roar ~

“The battle is different for every person, for every storm, but one thing always holds true—only one heart gets to live on.”

~ Roar ~

by Cora Carmack

Page Count: 382 (Kindle Edition)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This book was a crazy wild of EMOTIONS. I didn’t come into this expecting to like it very much but wow I was blown away by this. I buddy read this with my favorite duo of friends, Frankie and Rachelle! We all ended up absolutely LOVING it and this was one of the best buddy reads I think I’ve ever had. They were both so passionate about their love for the book and it made the experience 10x better. BUT as I was saying, I expected nothing from this book. I just saw lots of people (mainly Frankie) raving about it so I decided to join in on the hype and MAN I’M GLAD I DID. This is definitely one of the best books of 2017, it was so amazingly good! Agh, I’m still not over it (I just finished it though so I’m not surprised lol) and I need book two in my hands NOW> Also, this cover is 10/10, it’s wonderful and portrays the book pretty well. Okay, I’m just gushing now and I need to get on with this review ahaha!


Aurora Pavan is the princess of the Pavan Kingdom. And in this world, storms are the wicked villains who wreck havoc around the world. Also in this world, storms must be hunted down and their hearts stolen by the great Stormlings. And even though Rora is from a great line of Stormlings, she is without magic and without power. She is an empty shell who has fire in her blood, yet cannot access magic. In all actuality she is quite useless to the Kingdom and her mother knows this, so she is set to be married to a powerful Stormling from the Locke Kingdom. And what I love so much about Rora is that she knows she doesn’t have magic but that doesn’t take away the fact that she is strong. She doesn’t let her lack of magic define her, she searches for ways to be strong and to be someone who she wants to be. Rora isn’t like these female YA protagonists who think they’re the Bomb.Com, which makes her 10x better in my opinion. She has insecurities and weakness’ but she is looking beyond those and searching for more. Wow I’m off track lolol. With the actual storyline though, she meets Prince Cassius, the dark mysterious love interest. And he only has her in mind but has a terrible way of showing his love and I personally hate him, but that’s just me. He was way too possessive for me and just maybe he’ll grow in book two and be something more than he is because as of right now, I need him to go bye bye. Okay though, so she realizes that she only has two options, to marry the Prince and unite the Kingdoms OR leave everything behind and ruin her life. That is, until option three presents its self in form of adventure. Rora meets these group of friends who hunt storms, and she immediately kicks it off with them. They are Black Market humans who seem somewhat harsh. BUT they hunt storms and were not born with Storm Magic. They are self taught Stormlings and this gives Rora the chance to perhaps learn how to hunt storms. And it also gives her a shot at exploring the world and storms and to explore herself as a human. This also gives her a chance to save her Kingdom. So she must chose which version of herself she wants to be, which one is the strongest, and which one is true to her soul.

What I Loved:

I pretty much loved the whole book. I didn’t have very many complaints at all because everything was so wonderful! The only complaint I have is Cassius but I wont rate lower just because I don’t like a character ahaha. I really loved this world though. It was vivid and well-crafted. The whole “storms are evil” lay out in the book was very different and extremely cool. I could just imagine so many storm hunters ripping out the Storm Hearts and seeing the storms vanish and wow the imagery was beautiful. I also really loved Rora though. She pulled this book through so much, because she was such a believable character. She had faults and seemed like a real person and I loved that. Realistic protagonists help move the story along IMMENSELY. ALSO I really loved Locke (the Storm Hunter guy she meets in the Market.) He wasn’t super pushy and annoying and also seemed to have a heart that was real. THE writing was AMAZING as well. Cora can WRITE, her sentences were lovely and flowy and helped the story move along tremendously. Honestly, the author did a spectacular job with this whole novel and I cannot wait until the second installment. ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!


( Chapter 1 ) “She would pretend that she did not desperately wish she were better. Different. More.”

( Chapter 1 ) “You remind me of it.” She swallowed, and the skin that had pebbled from the cold grew blisteringly hot wherever his breath touched her. “Of what?” “The blizzard. Fierce and beautiful and unlike anything my eyes have ever seen.”

( Chapter 2) “When you live in a place so ruthless, you learn to protect the things that matter. To be ruthless in return.”

( Chapter 4 ) “You, my daughter, have a will stronger than a hundred tempests, and that is something not even magic could ever give you.”

( Chapter 6 ) “Life taught him early that to love something was to tempt fate to take it away.”

( Chapter 7 ) “No matter the differences between us, I will always count you a friend. I would rather you offend me a thousand times than hold the truth from your tongue.”

( Chapter 8 ) “Do not fear the thunder, nor the fire in the skies. Rest little darling, and close your tired eyes, For up above us now in that great, golden dome A Stormling stands against it all to protect our sacred home.”

( Chapter 9 ) “Either way, please take this. It is my thank-you for your help, my apology for all the years I kept us apart, and my promise that things are going to be different when I return.”

( Chapter 10 ) “There will come a day, Roar, when it’s you alone against a storm.”

( Chapter 12 ) “To die at the hands of a storm gives one the chance to live again in the skies.”

( Chapter 14 ) “The battle is different for every person, for every storm, but one thing always holds true—only one heart gets to live on.”

( Chapter 14 ) “People are not recipes to be carefully measured and mixed together. Life is imprecise and messy.”

( Chapter 17 ) “You asked me if I thought you had made a mistake by coming with us, and my answer is no. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. And I am here with you. If you have questions, ask them. If you have fears, shed them. If you have doubts, give them to me and I will crush them beneath my heel. If you need help, I will provide it. Even if you only need someone to yell at, I can be that too. And when the time comes that you need someone to trust, I will be that person. I promise.”

( Chapter 18 ) “Treat others with kindness. For you do not know which souls will visit you again as storms rather than men.”

( Chapter 20 ) “Soul of fire, soul of rage
No longer bound by flesh or cage,
Soul exalted, soul made new
Reserved for those devout and true.”

( Chapter 22 ) “A soul is a curious thing. It is all the forms of one’s self—what one was, what one is, and what one could be. And the trajectory of both life and death are ruled by the self each of us clings to the most.”

AGH living this quotes again, is bringing major FEELs. I don’t appreciate it. Okay though, just know that this story is epic and amazing and I had almost little to no complaints! I wish everyone would read this because its so good and it deserves more love. But anyways, this week I should have at least two more reviews coming and Wednesday’s Top Five post!

Hope you all have a great day and Happy Reading Friends!

~ Solo


9 thoughts on “~ Roar ~

      1. frankielovely says:

        Same tbh

        I actually am just listening to Crywolf today and thinking about Roar …. and Julian Blackthorn. Like legit the only books I can even think about reading right now would be a re-read of Roar or Lady Midnight lol

        Omg I’m so tragic Sol

        Liked by 1 person

  1. windowsillbooksblog says:

    Great review!! I am so excited to read this book! I have heard nothing but amazing things about it! These storms sound epic! I can’t wait to dive into this world!! And Roar sounds like an fantastic heroine! I’m super glad to hear that she is realistic and has fears! I am little over this “BA female character who fears nothing” trope! So I’m super hyped to read this one! Literally going to go to the bookstore today and get it!

    Liked by 1 person

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