~ Books for your Hogwarts House ~

Hello again! I’ve been seeing a lot of my blogger friends doing this “Top 5 Wednesday Tag” and I just barely realized that it was from Goodreads! You can find the group on Goodreads here. But anyways, my pledge for this year is to stick to this tag because it seems fun and interesting. This weeks tag is “Books for your Hogwarts House” and I’ve seen a lot of different interpretations of this tag so i’m just going to stick with protagonists who I could see in my Hogwart house! My house is Ravenclaw, and I’m pretty obsessed with Harry Potter (I have a Ravenclaw sticker on my car okay lol) so I don’t think it will too hard to pick out five characters who could be Ravenclaw. WISH ME LUCK! because this could go all haywire ahaha!



~ Strange The Dreamer ~

by Laini Taylor

Lazlo Strange

Im positive that Lazlo would make an excellent Ravenclaw. He loves literature and writing and loves finding out new things. Pretty much for me to qualify you as Ravenclaw, you have to be in love with literature and caring as well as love finding out new things. Lazlo would make the perfect Ravenclaw!



~ Our Chemical Hearts ~

by Krystal Sutherland

Grace Town

Grace Town would make a weird Ravenclaw in my opinion. She is very dark, but also loves to think philosophical thoughts and is very smart all around. Grace loves poetry and loves to write and I honestly couldn’t see her in any other house.


 clockwork-angel-cassandra-clare~ Clockwork Angel ~

by Cassandra Clare

Will Herondale

Will would make a great Ravenclaw. He is very adventurous and loves reading. He’s super smart and caring.  Will also really loves his best friends and would do anything for them. And his whole life pretty much revolves around literature.



~ Six of Crows ~

by Leigh Bardugo

Wylan Van Eck

I think Wylan would slightly waver on between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. He is very into music instead of literature, but he is also very caring and is somewhat adventurous. I’m just going to stick with Ravenclaw okay because he falls better under that house.



~ A Court of Mist and Fury ~

by Sarah J Maas


You cannot unconvince me that Azriel is not a Ravenclaw. i can just imagine him in that gigantic library reading all the books but brooding and thinking deep thoughts. It just fits him, he’d make a perfect Ravenclaw.


Wow okay that was a lot more difficult than expected. Apparently WordPress wants to be the biggest pain in my butt today and not format how I want it to but you know what, I made it through LOL. Hopefully the ones to come won’t be so difficult once I get used to it, but one can only hope. BUT! If you have anymore characters who you think would be great Ravenclaws, then I’d love to hear! Or if your house is different, then I’d love to hear about who you think would fit into your house!

Hope you all have a great day!

~ Solo



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