~ Bookish Shop Sunday ~

Happy Sunday friends, I hope your day is going amazing!  This week I ordered some bookish items and they were just so PERFECT that I really wanted to share them with y’all! And I remember something that the bookstagram community would do, and that’s sharing their favorite shops on Sunday. So, pretty much this whole post will be all about my five favorite shops to buy my bookish merchandise from and they deserve all the love! I have quite a bit of merch from a majority of their shops and still buy them from every now and again. Honestly, it’s a problem that needs to stop because I won’t have room for anymore merch, but oh well LOLOL


~ Reverie and Ink ~

Reverie and Ink is my absolute favorite shop to buy my merch from. Now, the artist and creator of Reverie and Ink (used to be Her Bookish Things) is one of my best book friends, so yeah I may be biased. But it also doesn’t take a genius to recognize that Brittney is absolutely Talented™. She is one of the sweetest people I know and honestly she deserves the world. I’ve linked all of the places where you can follow her and check out her merch! She sells quality art prints from lots of popular book series, as well as bookmarks and she does custom orders as well. Check her out! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

• Britt’s Etsy •

• Britt’s Blog •

• Britt’s Bookstagram •

• Britt’s Society6 •



~ Lala Dreamy Land ~

These bookmarks are the merchandise that I got this week and this was my first time ordering from this shop. AND let me tell ya how IMPRESSED I am. The quality is so much more than expected and the artwork is even more beautiful in person. This shop has TONS of booksmarks from popular series and prints and i’m so impressed by how amazing these bookmarks are.

• Lala’s Etsy •

• Lala’s Bookstagram •



~ Read and Wonder ~

Look at these pictures ruining the aesthetic of this post LOL I somehow misplaced all 6 bookmarks that I have bought from Read and Wonder. SO I had to go with the two pillows I own (these pillows also own my soul and I love them to pieces.) And I also stole this picture from when I used to do bookstagram (it’s not really stealing, it’s my own picture lolol.) But Read and Wonder has some of the best bookish bookmarks that are also SUPER cheap! I buy a lot from the artists who run this shop and I am always pleased with my purchase! The shipping is fast and reasonable, especially since they’re out of my country. They also sell a lot more than bookmarks! There are stickers as well as prints! Check them out and hopefully you won’t be disappointed with this top notch service!

• Their Etsy •

• Their Society6 •

• Their Bookstagram •



~ Behind the Pages ~

Now I actually don’t own a lot from Gina (the artist) but I absolutely love what I own! Gina sells lots of bookmarks and prints that are AMAZINGLY wonderful and I love all of them! It’s just that their a little pricey, especially since I’m not in her country. BUT it’s also definitely worth the price. I love what I have and hope to buy more from her in the future!

• Gina’s Website •

• Gina’s Society6 •

• Gina’s Bookstagram •


~ Happy Hello Art ~

This is one of my most absolutely favorite shops to order from. I own SO many bookmarks from them and I still don’t own all of the ones I want. But whats kind of sad about this shop, is that she sometimes runs out of print of some bookmarks so its like a bummer sometimes. And when she gets them back in stock then I am always there to purchase them LOL I adore these bookmarks to no end and need to quit my addiction but sorry, it won’t happen. The bookmarks are great priced for the quality and will honestly be the reason I go bankrupt ahahaha!

• Her Etsy •

• Her Bookstagram •


As you can probably see, I seriously only buy merch from three fandoms AHAHA I have a problem okay. I don’t think I’ll never have enough Sarah J. Maas merch or Leigh Bardugo merch. I can never have enough, it’s not possible. But okay, if any of you know any remedies to my obsessive buying, please let me know because this behavior needs to get in control. AHA. Anyways, I’m going to try and be more “present” on my blog and post more often because I feel like it’s so dead on here. I have a review coming tomorrow and then honestly I don’t know what for the rest of the week. BUT there will be some stuff!

Hope you all have a great rest of your day!



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