~ The Fault in Our Stars ~


Now this is my favorite book of all time. Nothing compares to this and I have read it around 21 times, and every time it is amazing! John Green is one of my all time favorite authors and created a masterpiece with this novel.

And for those of you who don’t know, this novel is about a young girls fight with cancer and the life that she is living. Now this isn’t a cancer book, it doesn’t focus on or stay zoned in on cancer. It revolves around her life and how she is pushing through and she is living with it on the side. Sure, there are scenes where it focuses on the cancer and how it affects her life, but really she is just living her life. And yes this a romance novel, so it a love story through cancer and it doesn’t have a happy ending. Which is the main reason I love it. It ends brutally truthful and reminds you that not all things are finalized in stone. There are chances for mistakes and mishaps and your life is not 100% guaranteed. Yes, I am a very morbid person but I love the truthful portrayal of death and how it takes us all.

I love both Hazel (our main character) and Augustus (our love interest.) They are both very well rounded characters who have a good backstory and who seem real. They aren’t these fake teenagers who don’t even rely on their parents and who do their own thing. Both have a life with cancer and they are just going through things one step at a time. This is such a realistic novel that spoke to me on a different level. It helped me out tremendously with depression and not loving life. It helped me see that there is more to life that just the problems you’re faced with and to just keep going on. And I’m eternally indebted to John Green for writing something that changed me for the better!

You can find my Goodreads review here! It’s just a quick list of all the things I love and has all the quotes that make this story 100x better.

If you haven’t read this yet, then I strongly suggest you do! I will be honest and say that it isn’t necessarily for everyone and some might find it be a little pretentious. But I adore it above all other books and hope that some love it just as much as I! If you’ve read this one though, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the book!

Hoping all is well in your lives!

~ Solo


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