~ The Jungle ~

“I hate it there. I hate that they call it the Jungle.” She pointed to the houses. “We lived like that once. We went to school, went shopping, watched films. We didn’t ask to leave our lives. Why can’t they see that? We’re just like them. But we might as well be from another planet.”

I am very impressed with this book. Very, very impressed. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since I finished and this little one packs a punch. It’s such a great story of hope and friendship and family. I LOVED IT.

Oh, but before I forget, **Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Now, there are a lot of things missing from this story. You have to fill in a lot of things for yourself in order to make the story make sense. But anyways, we have our main character, fifteen year old Mico, who has lost all his family. He is alone and looking to move countries to find a fresh beginning. And there are these people called the “Ghost-Men,” who will take you across the border from your country, into either France or England. But these men make you pay A FORTUNE, and little Mico thinks he can make it, and ends up paying them. ONLY to get caught by the police and sent into … some special kind of camp for foreigners? IT was never specified what it was called (besides the Jungle) and that really bugged me, but whatever. And in this camp, he is rooming in a tent with three other teenage boys as well, and they practically become his family. Yet he still has hope of making it into a different country, and getting free of this camp that he’s in. Then everything changes when he meets young Leila. Now, this isn’t an insta-love story because Leila utterly despised everyone to be honest. And it takes a LONG time for them to become friends and to end up trusting each other. So together they are trying to make a way to get out of this camp and into the world beyond. And all of this is packed into a TINY book, and it flies by really fast, but it’s a great read for such a short book!

My Issues:
There was so much lacking in this story. SO much description and backstories to characters. There wasn’t a lot of information regarding the camp and the situation which really killed this from getting a five stars. At times, the writing was very poetic and I loved that, but then at times, the punctuation was TERRIBLE. I don’t understand if some spots got completely overlooked, or if they just didn’t care enough to edit them. But those things sadly killed the five star rating.

“He had been told to find a new life, a safer one. But nobody had warned him how hard that might be. Nobody had told him that in order to live, he’d have to give up everything he loved.”

“We’re all here now. Who cares why? It’s where we want to go that’s important.”

“We’re all afraid of being fenced in.”

“I have wanted much, Mico. To change the past, to put everything back to what it was. But some things are not so easy to fix. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how badly you want. It’s never enough.”

There were some really on point quotes in this book. Like I said, I am overly impressed with this story and hopefully it gets bigger than what it is! It is also still available on Netgalley!

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