~ The Bone Witch ~

“This is my new family. This is my new identity. I will be the bone witch the kingdom fears, and I will make them pay.”

3/5 Stars

I am really disappointed in this story. I thought it was going to an awesome story with epic witch fights and magic but it just fell so short. There was so much potential for this book and it wasn’t there. The first half of the book saved this from being a two star because I actually did enjoy the beginning! The world building is amazing and I really love the characters. But everything that happened after the first 50% was so useless. The book is told in the main character PoV when she is fifteen and when she is seventeen. So it’s very CONFUSING sometimes. Okay, it’s really confusing the majority of the time. ALSO. Something really bugs me about the cover. Because our main character is described as a light brown skinned girl. Multiple times she is described to not be pale or super white … and the girl on the cover is white…? Umm why?
We have our main character, fifteen year old Tea (Tey-UH), who is a rare type of witch called a Bone witch. And at the beginning of the story her brother is killed in the war by a daeva (a demon.) So she flips out because her brother was her best friend and he was who she looked up to. And she see’s all these things in the air and starts tracing them, later on realizing that they were magical runes that only Dark Asha (Dark Witches) have. Tea ends up bringing her brother back from the dead and now they are bound together. But now everyone knows she’s a bone witch because she raised him from the dead at the funeral, and they are really feared but rare witches. So the lead Dark Asha comes and takes Tea to this asha-ka (it’s like a town/school for witches.) THE WHOLE STORY IS HER YEAR IN THIS ASHA KA AND IT’S SO SLOW AND IRRELEVANT. This whole 400 page book could have been easily condensed down to 150 pages, just saying. But at the same time time, we are in the PoV of Tea when she is seventeen. The chapters switch between 15 year old Tea and then 17 year old Tea. Anyways, she is this accomplished Bone Witch, and we know what she has done because is telling this person she meets in a coffee shop. So it’s like the story is spoiling itself? It’s hard to explain. BUT JUST KNOW THE STORY IS SUPER SLOW.

I really, really like Tea as a character! She isn’t some whine bag, who complains about the situation she is in. She takes it with responsibility and takes all the direction and discipline she needs to become a better Asha. And seeing her when she is 17 really adds a lot to the story, because she becomes really crazy and somewhat evil. But when she is 15, she is really nice and kind so seeing her development is very interesting!

The World Building:
The world building is something that really makes this book good! I was immersed in this wonderful world of magic, and Rin makes the world just pop and stand out! She does an incredible job at creating this magic system that actually makes sense. And everyone has these things called Heartsglass, and it’s pretty much like a super magical mood rings but it’s a necklace. It seems very complex when she first brings it up, but she does a great job at expounding on the magic that goes into the heartsglass. I am IMPRESSED with this world, I really am. But then, it also has witches and I’m trash for witches so that might play a BIG role in why I loved the world. LOL. I also think the cultures in this book are based somewhat off Asia, which I really enjoyed! I love seeing different cultures in books and not having every character white.

(Chapter 10) “There is no greater strength than the ability to understand and accept your own flaws.”

(Chapter 10) “We can endure any amount of sadness for the people we love.”

(Chapter 14) “Perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be.”

Not that many quotes for this book, but they are really strong quotes! I really loved them!


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