~ Beauty of the Beast ~

“Whatever you may think, you are not alone. I, too, feel so lost and cold.”
4.5/5 Stars

Beauty of the Beast is a hauntingly beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It was a great mixture of historical fiction, and not the ultra magical version of Disney’s, Beauty and the Beast. Rachel made such a crazy beautiful world to immerse yourself in, she writes so haunting and just wow, I was so impressed with her writing.

This gave off Phantom of the Opera vibes that I loved! It gave the story a more realistic but creeping edge to it. The only reason this wasn’t exactly a 5 star read was because there was a lot too Adam’s and Isabelle’s relationship that I necessarily didn’t enjoy (don’t kill me Maram.) To me, they could have made a much better friendship rather than a relationship. I wasn’t in love with them as a relationship, and I probably would of much rather see them as best friends who find each other with broken hearts. There were a few scenes where I did think they were a good couple, but mainly I was just hoping for a good friendship LOL.

Also, the author is amazing! Rachel is very connected with her readers and loves to talk with them! She is very involved in her novels and loves to engage with her fans! ahaha so THANK YOU RACHEL FOR THIS! But, on with the review (it’s kind of a long one LOL)

Now this is very similar to your Beauty and the Beast storyline. BUT what I liked about this one, is that Beauty isn’t the savior of this story, but the Beast is! I very much enjoyed this aspect of the story! Anyways, our heroine, Isabelle is a merchant class woman who lives with her father and two step sisters. And we have our hideous Comte Raphael (Gaston), WHO I DESPISE ABOVE ALL THINGS OML. He is evil and sadistic and a crazy man! I HATE HIM SO MUCH. And she is of course engaged to him to save her dad or whatever because he’s dying. And she gets this thought in her head to leave town just for the weekend to go to this fair with her Papa. So they end up getting lost in the woods and come upon this giant castle. This is where our Beast comes into play, and Sir Adam Delacroix is not the typical beast. His beastly features come into play from a fire that he was caught in when he was a youth. So his whole body is mostly burnt and scarred and he’s been locked in this castle all by himself for years. What I really enjoyed about this as well, is that Belle is such a pain in the butt at the beginning of being in the castle, homegirl has everything to complain about. She was getting on my last nerve, but thankfully she grew into a likable character aha.

Isabelle the Beauty:
I like how headstrong Isabelle is. And I don’t really complaints about her as a character. She went through a horrible abusive relationship with Raphael (I ACTUALLY WROTE TAMLIN AND HAD TO EDIT IT LOLOLOL.) And she hast the strength to escape, which I like very much, she isn’t afraid to risk her life to get away from that disgusting human. I didn’t really like her relationship with Adam though. As I said earlier, I would of much preferred them to be best friends, instead of … lovers? IDK THE CORRECT TERM I AM SORRY. But anyways, she was a good Belle!

Adam the Beast:
I REALLY LIKE HIM. He is such a broken character! And y’all know how much I love broken characters ahahaha. I’m not evil, I promise. I just really like seeing their character arcs and seeing how they outgrow their past. And man, Adam’s past is HORRIBLE. When he is a child he witness’ the brutal death of his parents and his younger sister (it’s in the prologue so it’s not a spoiler.) He faces so much hardship being in this castle with his lonesome and he just needed a companion. Which is why I like him better as Belles friend than his mate. They just seemed like they would have such a great friendship! Overall, he did a great job at being the lonely Beast!

Favorite Quotes (There are Quite a Few):

(Chapter One) “She flipped through her book’s well-loved pages, allowing the sentimental words to wrap up her soul and lift her into another time and place.”

(Chapter One) “You were gifted with your mother’s strength and gentleness, Isabelle. Both her strength and beauty. Never abandon those things, ma petite. But greatest of all, you have her heart. Guard it well.”

(Chapter Five) “Despite Adam’s effort to combat the emotion, a touch of hope cut through his darkness. A dangerous thing, hope. Hope was a barb in his chest, a false horizon amid a sea of blackness. Surely it’s false light would lead him to destruction-much like a sailor lured by the siren’s call.”

(Chapter Five) “Never trust. Never forget. And never forgive.”

(Chapter Six) “If I’m a monster, mademoiselle, it’s because man’s cruelty has made me so.”

(Chapter Six) “Isabelle knew those weren’t the eyes of a true monster. They held far too much emotion, too much heartache, as if they bore all the world’s sadness. Those eyes belonged to a man. Nothing more, nothing less.”

(Chapter Ten) “You are living the life you have earned-one of solitude and darkness.”

(Chapter Eleven) “Funny thing, the past. No matter how hard you try to shut it from your mind, you always hear those whispers in your skull…”

(Chapter Twelve) “The wound never fully heals. The loss and pain are always there, like a raw sore, remind you of what once was … of what should have been. But you grow stronger. You move forward as best you can. And you learn to endure. You survive the winter.”

(Chapter Fourteen) “Since I was a girl, all I’ve ever wanted were books. I used to wish I could live inside them, that I would fall asleep and wake up somewhere else as somebody else. It was my escape, my personal haven. Papa used to say that so long as I had my books, I’d always be free.”

(Chapter Fourteen) “I’d very much like you to find happiness here. I know these walls are filled with shadows. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in darkness.”

(Chapter Fifteen) “Music has become somewhat of an outlet over the years. It was a way to speak when one was there to listen”

(Chapter Nineteen) “Love me for me. Nothing more, and nothing less.”



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