~ A Conjuring of Light ~

“Love and loss,” he said, “are like a ship and the sea. They rise together. The more we love, the more we have to lose. But the only way to avoid loss is to avoid love. And what a sad world that would be.” 

5/5 Stars☆

I can honestly say that this was an emotional ride. THE FEELS WERE REAL. A Conjuring of Light was a great wrap up for the series and I am insanely happy with the turnout.

I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO REVIEW THIS AMAZINGNESS? All I know is that this is an amazing conclusion to the series, but also not happy that this is the end. I NEED MORE. GIMME MORE!

This story was actually very long (mine was 666 pages.) And I don’t honestly think that it needed to be so long, and I was getting a little bored while I was reading last night because it felt like it was DRAGGING SO HARD. But as I thought on it, I am really glad that I have those extra scenes in my mind, because I’m dying for more and I really don’t want to leave this series.

My hat is off to Victoria Schwab for creating one of the most amazing series I’ve ever read. She did such a wonderful job at creating this crazily beautiful world, and did such a great job at creating some of my all time favorite characters. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THESE YET, THEN READ THEM!

I think I fell even more in love with these characters (except Kell.) They have so much depth and realness to them and JUST WOW I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. We get to meet a whole new side to some characters in this book, and it just brings on all the feels.


Guess who still really doesn’t like Kell?!?! ME!! I just don’t like him as a character at all, I really don’t. He just has something to always complain about and never seems to be happy. I guess I can see how some people love him? He just drives me absolutely insane, and I want to strangle him. I could of honestly done without him in this series, but unfortunately he is important to the story line.

Lila Bard:

My love for Lila Bard skyrocketed into the heavens and I think she may now be on the Manon scale. And the Manon scale, is the highest of all scales. She is just so bad to the bone and crazy and I JUST LOVE HER OKAY.


This poor child goes through A LOT in this book. I felt so bad for him during this book, but at least he finds happiness. He is such a strong, and well developed character who deserved a lot better than he got in this book.


This little booger. I am so glad that he is in this story. He is such a real character, who has lots of flaws and problems but still fights for himself and for the people he loves. I was really scared for him at some scenes. SO SCARED. (The feels are coming back, HELP.)


I think Holland may be my favorite character. I really do. THIS POOR BOY GOES THROUGH HELL AND BACK AND HE DOESN’T DESERVE ANY OF IT. He faces so much heartbreak and never seems to CATCH A BREAK FROM HIS LIFE. He’s always going through struggle, after struggle, and it never seems to end. I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY.

Now the Spoiler Section so Proceed at Your Own Risk – Also Contains ADSOM and AGOS Spoilers:

I really really am happy with the ending of this book. Even though it felt like it dragged on forever at times, I can say that this was a great ending! But, it was really predictable. It was obvious that they were going to beat Osaron, and that they were going to save Red London. I could see that happening a mile down the book. But the way that Victoria executed the ending was AMAZING. I wasn’t expecting Holland to survive that AT ALL. I WAS SO SCARED FOR HIM. But she made everything right and didn’t kill my fave. I was silently hoping that Kell was going to die, to be honest. Fortunately everyone stayed alive, because I would be really heartbroken if Lila had to sail alone with Kell. I have a lot of thoughts and feels after reading this series. A LOT. But I am really, really glad that I read this series. It was definitely worth it.

Spoilers End Here:

All I can say, is Anoshe.




My Goodreads Review.


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